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Anyone reset a three stone into a solitaire?


Jun 14, 2008
I've been researching settings for an engagement ring reset for a while now. My original ring is a three stone with RB's and has channel set baguettes. The ring was 2 sizes too large and was damaged when sized (it is now an oval and has never fit properly). I've looked into many three stone reset possibilities but am now thinking that a solitaire might be more versatile and better match the eternity anniversary band I would like to get next year. I can't help but feel though that it might be a bit of a downgrade and wonder if I would miss the added boing. Also, since my centerstone is on the small side (.78 carats) doyou think itwould looksmaller set on its own? Any thoughts or experiences you can share would be appreciated!
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    Good Customer Service Goes a Long Way
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    5.5 Carat Diamond Upgrade
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