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anyone looking for a great jeweler in boston!

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Oct 14, 2002
I purchased my diamond yesterday from ADCO diamond corporation in Boston.
They are incredibly honest and informative... Aline Arslanian and her sister own the company, they were very knowledgable. They spread out 6-10 diamonds in my price range, and allowed me to compare all of them. I highly recommend them. They are located in the jewelers exchange building at 333 washington st. suite #707.


Mar 10, 2004
I know this is an older post but, I just wanted to back that up.

I've been researching diamond, diamond buying, the 4 C's, mounting styles and ... you name it ad nauseum for the last few months. (Of course I probably could've cut that in half had I found this site sooner... but that's another topic). Regardless, the one thing I noticed about each of the local stores I visited (and the one maul store especially) is that the majority of the owners and salespeople ... say 80%... were not extremely honest.

Don't get me wrong, the few B&M shop owners I've read on this forum have seemed very honest and I'd have loved to have done business with you guys. But the shops just weren't in the area. Additinally, the web-based jewelers I've had contact with have been fabulously kind and honest. (Abazias, USA Certed Diamonds and WhiteFlash to name a few).

Ultimately I went with ADCO, though, because they were in the area and their price was the best in all the Boston diamond district. I also worked with Aline and she was a pleasure to talk with. She and her sister were the most honest and helpful (non-Internet based) jewelers I talked to.



BTW: For you less reputable salespeople out there that may be reading this, I "played dumb" in every shop I visited just to gauge the person's veracity before continuing with our relationship. And let me just say, a lot of dealers only heard from me once. So be wary of a customer who seems too good to be true. Chances are that we're smarter than you think.


Aug 29, 2003
Yay Ais1inn!

The place in your avatar picture was right on my way from school to work for more than a year. A whole continent away now, funny that...

Congratulations for your diamond shopping
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