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Anyone else heard/use the moringa plant?


Jan 23, 2008
I have bought some powder moringa and I put it in soups/sauces/etc and I have also found another wonderful use for it...facial masks!

I add it to organic honey that I've warmed slightly and then sprinkle a bit in there and have the most amazing mask ever. I use it on my face and even on some eczema spots and it helps it SO MUCH. Night and day difference.

Here is the video

Here is a link to some facts about it (it's called the miracle tree)

They also can use the pods after they have been pressed for their oils to purify water :appl:

Another site but here is a short excerpt from it


The secret to health – both with food and health products – is to obtain various nutrients in a form as organic as possible. Moringa is a rare herb plant that can meet such conditions.

Moringa, which grows in tropical areas such as India and Philippines, contains unbelievable amount of nutrients in a single leaf.

For example, Vitamin A: 4 times more than a carrot; Vitamin C: 7 times more than an orange; Calcium: 4 times more than a glass of milk; potassium: 3 times more than a banana; protein: 2 times more than a cup of yogurt; and contains other nutrients such as magnesium, amino acids, Vitamin B, E, Gaba, Karium, Porphenol, etc . It is no wonder Moringa has been called the “Miracle Tree”.

Also has a lot of other wonderful things about it

Just thought I'd share it for those who might not be feeling well, are sick (I took some with my soup and my cold was gone in 2 days) and I also know people are using it in cancer prevention and also along with their treatment

For now I'll use it with my honey to help improve my skin (acne) and it's helped A TON. So I thought I'd share the miracle tree with my fellow PSers and see if anyone else has used it or heard of it.
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