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Dec 27, 2002
Well, I'm now dating a woman who has finally inspired me to at least look at what's involved in an engagement ring. It's probably down the road a year or so, but I'm well known for my due diligence and exhaustive research. Having said that I admit to some confusion regarding engagement ring pricing....

1. What on earth do "regular" people spend on rings? I have no idea. Does, say, $2500 CDN buy you a very poor ring? Does one need to spend $10K or more to make a ring seem adequate? In other words is $10K plus a common amount to spend? FYI, I'm in the 60,000- 70,000 salary range per anum. My girlfriend mentioned she doesn't like "over the top" rings...she says she likes a reasonable sized stone (she mentioned half-carat). Help!?!

2. I live in Calgary, Canada... any local recommendations? Is buying online actually realistic?


Dec 24, 2002
Hey from another newbie. I have been visiting many Jewellery stores and in downunder 10k will most likely get you a 1 carat in yellow gold. The price depends on the clarity of the stone.

The popular view for the amount to spend is 2 months salary. Of course its all upto the individual to decide, afterall you spend whatever your comfatable with.


Jun 27, 2002
Hi Buster,

Any budget, whether it be, $2500 or $25000
can be satisfied with a beatiful diamond,
if you follow the "cut" criteria. The only thing
which is subject to change according to a broad
budget is size, color and clarity.

If the cut of a diamond has been established,
and becomes the forefront of diamond search,
than you are assured that your stone will sparkle
amazingly regardless.

Many purchasers of diamonds have been very satisfied
with a D-J color range, and a IF-Si2 clarity range.

D-F color has been established as the colorless
range and known as the collector colors.

G-J color has also been described as near colorless,
and have a slightly warmer color near I-J range but have great value.

Flawless-VVS2 clarity, carries a great appeal to the
collectors, being among the rarest of the clarity

VS1-VS2 clarity, is also described as the most
desirable, "eye clean", range and usually carries
a good value.

Si1-Si2 clarity, may or may not be seen by the naked
eye, but have the "biggest bang for the buck" among
many consumers.

Buy Informed!



Dec 15, 2002

You've come to the right place to start and end your diamond search, regardless of price. I've seen guys on here talking about US$30,000 rocks and diamonds that retail for around US$1,200. There are no judgements about price and carat weight among the Rocky Talkies -- just endless amounts of invaluable information and support for getting the most for your money.

That said, I must tell you that you can quickly get seduced by bigger stones. During my search, my budget kept expanding -- I just got caught up in the whole process, I guess. But we're both happy with the ring I chose and we can almost afford it, so no harm no foul. Just be careful! :)

It's all about cut. Start with an ideal cut at any size (and shape) and then adjust color, clarity, and carat size to match your budget. The only problem is that you'll find many stones that match your exact criteria! It's deciding among them that gets hard!

And remember, that two-months'-salary thing is a marketing tool created by the diamond industry. It's the fact that you want to marry her that's more valuable than any ring.

Good luck! See your around the forum!


Jul 22, 2002
How much too spend? Simple, what can you comfortably afford in keeping w/ your honey's wishes. What size are her friends rings? (BTW, I always catch flak for that comment - but - it is a bearing in a women's mind)

Do a pricescope search for various sizes in various price ranges. Also, men tend to get very caught up on the "specs" of a stone. All women want is a pretty stone to appreciate and wear.

Good Luck....and don't discount cut - it's what makes the stone.


Dec 28, 2002
Hi Buster,

As has already been stated here, you've come to the right place to find information on diamonds!

The important thing to remember about buying a diamond is that there are so many variables that effect the value of a diamond that there will always be things that can be adjusted to get a nice diamond in a variety of sizes. But, as many have already stated, the important part is CUT, CUT, CUT! A well-cut stone can easily compensate for a less than perfect score in some of the other areas, so keep an eye on the geometry of the stones you consider! If price isn't your main concern, I'd start out by thinking of a size range that you like, move on to the quality of the cut, then start to think about the other things (color, clarity, cost). If you are looking for a 1/2 carat diamond, if you do your homework you can expect to get an absolutely stunning specimen (with excellent cut, color and clarity) for less than US$3000.

Like TheRock, I found my criteria (and my budget) increasing as I looked for a diamond. I started out with a US$2000-3000 budget for a 1/2 carat stone, but by the time I finished my search (nearly a year later) I ended up with a $4500 ring (ouch!) in the 3/4 carat neighborhood. I hadn't anticipated spending that much (and in reality it's MUCH less than many folks around these forums spend), but in the end I found that I wanted to get something that my fiancé would cherish forever, and that I felt comfortable in giving to someone so precious to me.

As concerns size, my initial thought when I shopped for my fiancé was to get something in the 0.5-0.6 carat size (she's tiny and has a size 4 1/2 finger), but when I saw the stones in that range I just really thought they didn't look as nice as they might. Maybe I've just seen too many of these huge gaudy boulders weighing down women's hands, but the 1/2 carat just seemed a little small. I ended up getting a 0.78 D, VS1 diamond and had it set into a nice "classic Tiffany" 18K yellow gold band (she prefers yellow gold) with a six-prong platinum head (for security and durability). In the end the ring looks great, and in my opinion it doesn't look at all out of proportion on her small hand. Actually, I think it looks about perfect, but I'm biased. :) Your mileage may vary, but my opinion is that a 3/4 carat stone is a nice size that few would ever consider "over the top."

Hope this helps...

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