Anniversary Remount Project

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Mar 18, 2007
Hello Everyone,

First of all, I''ve been lurking around here for a few weeks and I have learned so much about diamonds and myself from drilling into the archives here. Thanks for the education!

The reason I found PS was that my husband suggested that we reset my engagement ring and purchase a new matching wedding band in honor of our 5th anniversary (coming up in July 07). Needless to say, I''m thrilled. Here are the stats on my current set:

RB, 61 pts, E color, IF, ideal cut
Platinum Tiff-style 4-prong setting
W-band is half-eternity channel set w/12 1-pointers, in white gold sadly

After much reading here, I was (not surprisingly) getting the itch to upgrade to a bigger center stone of lower, but still good, quality. But then, something crazy happened. During a visit to a local B&M, I looked at my stone under the microscope and I realized I love it for it''s perfection. I guess it''s that "mind clean" effect, but I''d rather have this baby than a 1 ct stone of equal value and lower quality. (Not that I wouldn''t take a 1ct-E-IF if it fell into my lap, but that isn''t in the cards right now!)

So, given that I want to keep my current stone, I need help picking out a drop-dead-gorgeous setting. I love my diamond, even if it is small, and I want my setting to do it justice. I want bling but I don''t want to overwhelm my center stone

Budget is pretty flexible. I''ve been looking at Scott Kay, Verragio, Vatche, and Jeff Cooper, but nothing has really felt right yet. I''m having trouble with trying on samples because they''re all sporting 1ct+ CZs. I have a hard time picturing the settings with a smaller center stone.

Please offer your advice and suggestions (pictures, links, too!). I have a fairly open mind, but some things I like:

1. Heavier settings
2. Clean lines (not a huge fan of engraving/milgraining)
3. Euro Shanks
4. Halos (but is my stone too small?)
5. Round side stones

Finally, I know the designer settings are pricy, and in fact, the new e-ring semi-mount and w-band will probably be worth more than my center stone. Is that a little ridiculous or more common than I thought?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Jun 16, 2006
Hi. Welcome to Pricescope.

You asked if your stone would be too small for a halo. Definitely not. Looking through the old posts, I found this that is just one of many examples of less than 1 ct diamonds with halos.

Good luck in your search.


Dec 30, 2006
Have you seen Mark Morrells work? I have totally fallen in love with one of his settings!
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