Anniversary choices:Upgrade and/or new setting

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Mar 31, 2007
My 28th wedding anniversary is coming up and since I figured out a long time ago my DH didn''t have ESP I told him what I wanted--a bigger diamond on my wedding ring. I love my setting-(Sorry no pic, I can''t figure out how to make the photo less kbytes to upload so I''ll describe) It is fairly dainty, gold, with a carved design of flowers and I always thought ribbons but on magnification it is probably the leaves. We were graduate students and no money so when I fell in love with this setting I asked them to put a smaller diamond in it( there was no choosing a loose diamond back then that I knew of!). It IS small--I always thought 1/5 of a carat but it is actually about .16. It was $400. After looking at loose diamonds in the store I have decided on .5 to .6 carats to match the ring. They look HUGE to me!

Now I am starting to think of ALL the possible options besides just changing the diamond and wanted some opinions,

1.Everybody has silver now and I could get a new setting (but haven''t yet liked any I''ve seen).

2. A jeweler I respect does custom work and could replicate my ring in white gold (with some minor changes), I''d keep the original wedding ring set as is and have two color choices or maybe put a colored stone in it for a right hand ring. Then I could push the new ring band size up a little and go to a whooping .7 carats.

If I have the custom WG replica done, could I put a hint of gold on it somewhere so it would look like it still matched the gold wedding band or would that look dorky. Or can you just wear a ring with a diamond and call it your wedding ring and not have a matching wedding band?

But here is the BIG Question for those who have done changed their settings: Does it feel like your wedding ring? You know, emotionally?

I have loved looking at the rings and diamonds in this forum--they are all so gorgeous! Thanks-- sorry for long post.


Nov 24, 2006
I lost my ring so I was excited to try a different setting but could not. I would buy a fake cheap one and see how it feels if you heart won''t let you then don''t.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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