An Appraisal Pleasure - Barry Block

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Sep 28, 2006
I just wanted to come on here and let you all know what a pleasure it was to meet Barry Block today and go through such an educational and fun appraisal process. After trying to contact another appraiser w/ no response, I decided to go to Barry after reading such good stories about him. Although he was a bit farther out (in LI), and I had to take a day off to see him, it was all well worth it. I called his office sometime last week to make an appointment; his office manager, Lynn was friendly and very helpful in letting me know what Barry does, what the process is like, how much it will cost (very reasonable), and how to get to his office. It was easy to find my way there and very convenient w/ ample parking.

I arrived and was a bit nervous; I was about to meet a master gemologist and I was hoping and crossing my fingers that the stone I got would meet his requirements of being a great investment! I did all my research (thanks Pricescope) before buying my stone, but was still a bit nervous. Well needless to say, he put all my fears to rest; his analysis was close to what my GIA certificate said it was and his price value was close to dead on what I paid - meaning I did not get ripped off and actually paid what I should have paid for it! All my qualities were matched too - F, VVS2, etc. The only thing was my certificate said the stone florescence was "NONE", but Barry clearly showed there was a faint one - not a big deal since everything else was great! Barry commented plenty of times how my stone was beautiful, and that even the platinum setting was done very nicely. He told me this was a keeper and I am very very happy now w/ my purchase! Barry was excellent and made me feel at ease and never once did he criticize my questions or make me feel stupid. I am so happy w/ Barry and Lynn and want to thank them for such a great experience! I would recommend Barry to anyone looking for a great time and valuable learning experience!!


Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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