Am I crazy??? Cushion or round? Custom or not?


Apr 22, 2011
Help! Custom or not? Cushion or round? I thought I was going to buy a Kirk Kara setting a local jeweler with a round stone until I found Pricescope. Not I am obsessed with finding the perfect stone for my setting...and I really love the chunky cushion. Now I am even more confused. I talked to Chris at Whiteflash. He said that he could custom make a setting for me in my price range. I have 9K to spend. Do i have him custom make it or buy the Kirk KAra and find the perfect stone??? The Kirk KAra is $4000 for the setting and then I have 5ish to spend on a stone...same with Whiteflash but Chris said the setting could be a lot less, maybe $2500..he will have an idea of the setting cost later this week. The ring hs a lot of milgraining so what if it is not to my liking after he makes it? OEY VEY!
The main thing that freaks me out is buying a stone online. He sent me some GIA reports but since the stone is not inhouse, he does not have ASET images yet.
I have attached a pic of the Kirk KAra. The changes Chris is going to make is he is taking out the hearts on the sides and adding princess. Can you all help me find a stone. .95 to 1.10 for 5K ish VS2 with good cut and color



Nov 12, 2004
I LOVE the Kirk Kara. If you know you love it too, then I would stick with it. Its a very intricate setting. I would just try to talk to the designers at KK to see if they could remove the heart design when they make it for you, that's the only thing about it I personally don't love. I trust WF, but for such an involved, costly setting, I would stick with what you definitely know you like- too much unknown with the custom job.
I would love to see the KK with a cushion (I'm just not a princess fan). It would be stunning!!! Who would you get that setting through? Could they help you find a stone?

eta: oops, sorry! I just realized princess is not in the running anymore!!! Regardless, cushion would be my first choice!!! :))


Apr 4, 2010
what features of the setting do you like? you could definitely get something custom made for less, if you want to make some changes. I might take out the last baguette at the end, it looks like it sticks out and could be uncomfortable on the finger.

As far as cushion vs round...that is for you to decide! you have to pick the one that is the most beautiful to you :)
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