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Am I asking way too much? 6 way jewelry piece.


Aug 22, 2012
I have in mind a two sided disc bracelet, one side set cobblestone style with diamonds, the other side engraved. I would wear it on a chain. Talking to the jeweler it will be fairly simple to have this piece also convert to a pendant. While discussing the project with my daughter we found a picture of a cobblestone bangle... and now I think I’d like the reversible/convertible disc to be able to pop into a gorgeous bangle as well. I was hoping the jeweler would embrace the challenge and have some additional ideas (I provided some crude sketches as initial thoughts but I’m flexible on how to implement the concept). In my mind it is doable and a 6 in 1 jewelry piece...well that would be fantastic and I’d wear it all the time. Unfortunately the jeweler didn’t share my enthusiasm or confidence in accomplishing the task...but he did say he would give it some thought. I would wear it most of the time as a bracelet on a chain, sometime as a pendant and the bangle for special/dressier occasions. I’ve attached the bangle inspiration pic...just image the oval is somehow removable and then could be attached to a bail/chain for the pendant or bracelet. It wouldn’t be the first time I had an unrealistic to achieve idea...please tell me what you think.


Jan 22, 2014
Interesting idea but how does it affix to the bracelet?
With Pendants that attach to a ring (Ringdants) the bale folds in underneath and attaches to the bar section of the ring. When worn as a pendant “the clip workings” are on the reverse side so no one sees them.
However you want a reversible pendant.
I can understand a reversible pendant but if attaching to a bangle and getting the bale to fold away behind but how will the other end of the disc stay in place? Perhaps another bale at the other end?
I can see it being achieved but it is going to be a very expensive project labour wise, maybe like in the thousands and that’s before diamonds and gold.


Jul 7, 2013
I am a big fan of interchangeable jewellery, and at one stage I had grand plans for my mum's MRB and one of my nicer CSs.

However, finding a bench that is capable of the work is difficult enough, and when I did eventually, the prices quoted were too expensive to contemplate.

Considering the lack of opportunities to wear some of the settings I had in mind, such as a brooch, I gave up on the idea of an interchangeable piece and settled for a simple open bangle with the MRB.

The CS is likely to set in a convertible ring pendant setting. However it will not be a reversible pendant due to the design of the setting.

I have not come across a ring design that can be worn in reverse. However I could be wrong.

Pendants, yes. Bangles, yes with an interchangeable centre piece.

Whatever it is, interchangeable jewellery is expensive!

DK :))
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