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May 8, 2003
I have found the diamond I am the most interested in on the net, and would love any brief opinions people have. Is it a fair deal?

Carat 0.9
Color E
Clarity VS2
Measurements (mm) 6.23-6.28 x 3.79
Table % 57
Depth % 60.5
Crown Angle ° 33.9
Crown % 14.4
Pavilion Angle ° 40.8
Pavilion % 42.8
Polish Ideal
Symmetry Ideal
Girdle 1.1% to 1.6%
Culet Pointed
Fluorescence Negligible
price, approx $5600.00

Also, can anyone comment on tension settings. I saw one at a local B&M store and have since looked at designs by G.A.I and Kretchmer for these. They look stunning, but with a girdle of 1.1%-1.6% is there a good chance the pressure they exert on the diamond for these tension settings will damage the diamond over time?

The reason I like the idea of a tension setting is to me it would seem to show off the diamond itself more than any other setting I can think of.


John Wild


Dec 31, 1999
I suspect it is ACA H&A (not sure new or old line though).

No comments needed.


Feb 22, 2003
I've seen both cuts, and ACA's, Conventional or New, are GREAT!
Looks like you've picked a veeerrry nice diamond!

Can't help with tension settings tho. Maybe the bump will get some more help with that.


Feb 15, 2003
Hi JohnWild -

I think tension settings are amazing. As someone on one of the boards had written - it's art, it's science, it's unique (or something like that)

They do showcase the diamond very well - my only hesitation has been the fact that the setting is as tall as the diamond, so from a couple angles the diamond doesn't stand out as much as a traditional setting (in my humble opinion)... I've gotten over that, and am totally in love with the GAI TR145 (my man was jealous, so he is going to get the TR107 w/ a princess cut diamond)

I would definitely go for a well-known manufacturer, I notice you are considering Kretchmer and GAI so that should be good. I heard somewhere that some insurance companies will only insure a tension ring if it's by GAI or Kretchmer (or Neissing?) I don't know if this is true, but my personal confidence is higher with a reputable company for this type of setting anyway.

Also - I don't know if you have seen them in person, but I would recommend visiting a local jeweler. This style really needs to be seen in person to determine which design will look best. I have considered a couple different ones but narrowed it down quickly after seeing them in person.

I also notice you are considering an E color diamond. IMO that is a good choice. A standard setting has the diamond only visible face up, and the sides of the diamond are somewhat hidden, so people can choose an "H" and it looks just fine. A tension setting has the profile of the stone visible as well, so the color is more likely to show through.

I have been working with for my tension setting - they have been great so far! I am a couple months away from the purchase of my ring, but they have answered every inane question for me and their prices are great!



Feb 15, 2003
Oh - and one more thing I forgot to mention...

GAI and Kretchmer have final approval on your stone - if it doesn't meet their standards then they will return it to you, unset.

I imagine if the girdle of your diamond isn't acceptable they would let you know that. It might be worth emailing a distributor (like with your specific question, just in case.

And when you buy the stone you might want to consider working in an agreement with the diamond company. Something along the lines of - if GAI/Kretchmer rejects the diamond can I exchange it for another diamond that GAI/Kretchmer will find more acceptable? This would be a rare occurance, but I would sure hate to be stuck with a beautiful diamond that cannot be set into the tension setting I want.

Just a thought... it's what I am doing!

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