AGS/GIA/EGL certs number one choice for customers

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Sep 8, 2001
Between GIA and AGS certificate, customers can still be sure they are getting an accurate grading of stone, even though AGS graded stone is more expensive, one can safely go with GIA certifcate for a peace of mind.

Between GIA and EGL, one can't feel then same choosing EGL graded stone even if graded in USA LA lab. Leonid, in your grading of stones recently, are USA EGL certed graded stones still came out with inaccurate grading?

As a customer,I have heard from many stores that GIA is most accurate, some stores say just a marketing scheme GIA or EGL cert. However, I can be sure most of the time that GIA graded stone is accurate.

Can I say the same for EGL USA graded stone nowadays? If there's big chance EGL USA graded stone matches grading assingned on certificate, then I'd go for EGL graded stone instead of GIA to save money.


Sep 3, 2000
Take a look at how actual diamonds are priced. You can search Pricescope and many other places. You will find diamonds with non-GIA/AGS documents somewhat less in price. Don't deceive yourself. Most of this is because regardless of the grades given on those slightly less costly stones, the grades are somewhat higher than what the dealer would have gotten from the GIA or AGS or even in my lab, AGA.
They are then priced accordingly to tempt you.....We are all weak sometimes.

Sure, labs other than GIA and AGS charge a bit less. Also you must consider that someone can point to grading reports from other labs that are exactly in agreement with GIA grading. This is not totally uncommon. There is no one single way to respond to this general situation.

The problem is that many bad documents are in circulation. If someone unsuspecting just believes it because it is in written on a document, does not make it so. Dealers are not naive people. They price diamonds according to their true grading in order to sell them. Dealers are also smart enough to use the grading that favors their stones in order to help them make sales. Since grading is somewhat subjective, I don't think anyone is going to go to jail for this, but a consumer buying one important diamond deserves to be put on the right track and not be misled, even inintentionally.
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