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Oct 20, 2001
HI, all! Have a question. A few years ago I got a divorce and I have a diamond band from that marriage...and several months ago my mom passed away and now I have her wedding rings. Both rings have good size stones in them; mine was a 3/4 karat main stone with at least 30 points in rounds and mom's was at least 1.5 karats with another half karat in baguets and rounds. I would like to do something with these stones, but a year or so ago I took my ring, (before mom died) to several jewelry stores and they said they wouldn't give me anything for the stones so I could buy something different, all they would do is reset the stones I have. Now I have another larger ring in my possession that is a wedding ring and definitely looks like one. I would wear it since it is pretty, but I'm not married. Someone told me that jewelry stores are pretty suspicious of people coming around with diamond rings that they want to trade in on larger stones because the traded in rings could be stolen or something. This is definitely NOT the case with my rings...they are definitely mine lawfully. Is there anyway I can trade these rings in on a larger diamond ring? Sure would appreciate some advice on this. Thanks! ------------------


Sep 3, 2000
There will be many jewelers willing to buy or trade the rings. You ought to go to places that advertise "WE BUY". Get their best offers.THEN, go find what you'd like to own for yourself. GET THE BEST PRICE ON THAT, too.ONLY after those two things are done, show the items you want to trade in. If you cannot get more than you have been offered from the cash "WE BUY" guys, don't make the trade-in, go back to the outright buyers. If you can get as much or more for your trade-ins with the retailer, then make the trade and the purchase.YOU CANNOT SHOW YOUR TRADE-IN JEWELRY BEFORE YOU GET THE RIGHT PRICE ON WHAT YOU WANT TO PURCHASE. If you play your cards too fast, you will never be able to arrive at the "right" price overall.Best of luck!
David Atlas
Accredited Gem Appraisers
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