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Feb 2, 2003
Any advice here would be appreciated...

I have been looking at loose stones for a few months now. A jeweller I have been dealing with, and who I think has been treating me pretty fairly, has shown me many stones and has explained a great deal to me. One of these stones is a .71, f colour, VG cut with an I1 clarity. This diamond looks better than most of the SI1 and SI2 diamonds I have seen, with only a very small inclusion that can be seen through the loop. Without the loop, I can''t see the inclusion, and I think I''ve gotten pretty good at spotting them. It really is a beautiful diamond!

Anyway, my first question is the value - he is asking roughly $3500 Canadian for this stone, which seems to be inline with the price of the SI1 and SI2 I saw, although this diamond seems to be nicer - I know that what my eye thinks is important in this decision, but is the price a good one? This leads me to my second question - does an I1 grading make the diamond "technically" or for insurance purposes, only worth a maximum certain amount? In other words, would I be paying more than this diamond is really "worth" simply because I think (and he thinks) it looks nicer and of higher quality than it was certified as?

Hope this made sense.. Your help and expert advice would be appreciated!


Sep 3, 2000
Don't deceive yourself. If a seller indicates a stone is I1, it isn't going to be "better". Because you do not see inclusions probably means there are many tiny ones, like clouds, that you have not learned to see or the lighting is such that you cannot see them with a loupe.

Look with a stereo microscope and darkfield illumination. You will undoubtedly see more than with the loupe.

Who graded the diamond I1? Why would you pay an SI price for an I1 stone? I'd only do this just to prove I could, not because one should. I don't know what you are missing, but there is something that seems to be off here.
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