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Jan 30, 2007

I''m new to this forum actually to PS in general. I''ve been on for a couple of weeks now reading all of the info and you all seem so nice and helpful and I need help so I figure I''ll ask and see what you experts have to say.

I''m about to get engaged and BF had a 1.01 VVS2 I diamond that was his mom''s and wanted to use that for an e-ring. It''s very pretty but not AGS or GIA certified but IGI USA certified and it was done back in 1999.
I don''t live in the US I live in Canada and diamond prices seem to be very high here and we have absolutely no online vendors so I researched around and found WF and had heard really good things so I decided initially to use mother in laws diamond and get a setting from them.
Turns out WF does not sell just setting w/o a centre stone and the only way I could get what I wanted was to send them the diamond I had, have them appraise it and then set it and send back to me huge hassle with Canada customs regulations and also money we can''t and don''t want to spend for nothing I''d rather put it into the ring.
So BF said I could get a stone from WF and the setting so I was super happy b/c I wanted a bit of a bigger center stone.
So here is my ques is WF really as great as what I have heard? Can I really trust them? I have talked to a rep Katie extremely sweet and helpful I really like her.
I want to know what you think b/c once I order the ring I am going to fly out to the States to pick it up and go home so I can''t have a bunch of stuff go wrong b/c I don''t want to be sending it back and forth b/w Canada and the States and paying tons of money for nothing.
Pls help!
Also I am looking at a 1.54 VVS2 H stone as the center stone, it looks lovely but
would like to know what you guys think

Any advice would be much appreciated. I''m a full-time grad student and he just graduated so we can''t really afford to waste our money I want to get something that I can wear and be proud of for a long time b/c I won''t be able to upgrade for a while we would like to buy a place together.
Not sure what else to tell you ring size is 4.5 and I''m built small 5.5 or so Katie told me this stone would look huge on my hand and I trust her judgement but you guys know so much too.
Lastly, I want to get the full eternity setting for the stone in white gold 18k and 2 matching eternity bands for either side when we get married.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for any advice/info you might have!


Apr 30, 2005
You ask what I think.

I think an AGS 0 princess from Whiteflash is a very very fine choice.

VVS2 seems like a high clarity for that color though.
Do they have a G VS1, or an F VS2?

Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
This is a consumer based site.

I trade but do not sell via this site. I do not believe any of the advertising vendors here could get away with cheating. In fact they must watch their behaviour very closely because bad words here are searchable.

I wonder why not drop to SI1 vS2 and jump up to G minimum or F better still? Just as sparkly - and you will see the color in some lighting types like out doors on a cloudy day in a larger stone like this.


Feb 13, 2003

I saved a lot of money by flying from Belgium to Houston to buy my diamond.
I had the best buying experience in my life.
Yes, you can trust them.

As for the diamond, I would prefer this one:
It''s bigger. The crown is higher. The color should almost be the same.
It''s (much) cheaper, and a SI1 should not be a concern in a Princess, especially if Brian decided to call it "ACA". I really trust in Brian.

Good luck !


Jan 30, 2007
OH my goodness
Thank you all soo much for the wonderful advice so far!!! It really means a lot, people were right PS is a wonderful welcoming place and informative too.
I will start cheking into everything that you have all said and keep you posted and I await any further advice from those of you who have already posted and those that hopefully will later on but I must go to bed right now I have class in the morning and it''s almost midnight here in Canada.
Again thanks a million!!


Dec 14, 2006
I think you are definitely on the right track, but no need to go so high in clarity. Are you OK with H color? I think I would be in a AGS 0 stone, but some are more color sensitive than others, and given your concern with sending it back, you would need to know your color tolerance ahead of time.

I would stay with the ACA Princess, but it would be better to get a VS1 or VS2 so you are not paying for quality you can''t see. And up to a G if you are color sensitive.

I looked on WF and there does not seem to be many ACA princesses available in the size range you are looking.

There is this 1.655 H/VS2 ACA Princess for $400 more. Bigger stone for essentially the same price with no detectable loss in quality without magnification. However, someone more knowledgeable would have to chime in on the IS/ASET images of that stone.
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