Advice on stone and setting please

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Jan 14, 2007
Hi I posted a thread a while ago asking for opinions on whether I should go for a halo style ring with rb or a a more classic style rb with pear side stones. Thanks to everyone were so helpful with info and links!

I think I have finally decided to go for the rb with pear sides because I could afford to spend more on the centre stone with this option. I have a couple of questions for anybody who has time to help!

First of all my budget for the centre stone is 5,500. I am thinking of going to Whiteflash for the centre stone - Expert Selection - as this seems to me to be the most surefire way of getting a great quality stone (in terms of cut, fire, brilliance) but also good value for money? What do you think?

I am not very focused on size as I really want to get a beautiful diamond and that is priority - I am hoping for 1ct but will look at anything from .8 upwards. Are there any other vendors that I can be guaranteed to get a stunning rock? I live in Ireland - so doing all of this v long distance and will not be able to see the diamonds in person.

My other question is about the stly of the setting. I love love love the Tiffany and Leon Mege rb with pear sides (my favs so far) but would these settings look as good with much smaller centre and side stones??

I''ve looked through most of the threads here to get an idea of diff setting available for this style - two mentioned above stand out for me. I liked the vatche - but its a little chunky for my liking.

Maybe I would be better to buy the stones from an online vendor and have the ring made here locally

What do you think pricescopers???


Jan 3, 2005
I think you''d be in good hands with Whiteflash. they also make a beautiful Tiffany round with pear sides setting and I think it would great with your size stone. Just make sure the pears aren''t too big to overpower the center. Whiteflash can match up a few sets and take photos next to your center stone for you to see the proportions.

That said, there are many other reputable vendors here who could do and equally good job for you. Goodoldgold, engagementringsdirect, winfields, jamesallen just to name a few.


Jan 11, 2006
I think you can set a round with pear sides in any size as long as you understand they won''t have the exact same look as some of the large ones we see on here. WF expert selection is a fine option, and I also love Good Old Gold in NY. Both have excellent stones and can help you find what you want.
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