Advice on re polishing


May 12, 2011
I'm wondering what the benefits are to re polishing an OEC are...

I do love the stone and don't want it by any means re cut. I haven't seen the stone in person but on close up pictures I do notice some abrasions near the girdle on the crown. Also, the girdle is bruted, the stone has no cert. but it doesn't look thin to me, more thick.
I'm wondering if it is worth re polishing it, in what ways would it improve the stone, if any. Does the bruted girdle have an effect on light performance, would it do anything to have it polished or faceted?
Also, what are the chances of the stone breaking while being re polished, same risks as a total re cut or? Can I get insurance for that just in case?
I am a few months away still from getting the stone and if I do get this done after it's fully paid for, I'd have to do it before JbEG sends it off to be set.
One of JbEG's other stones I nearly bought, the 3.62 OEC, has been re polished and it definately has a beautiful reflective quality to it that I like, but maybe that's due to other factors, I do not know.

I thought I'd run it by you all and get some advice ;-)
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