Advice on 1.27Ct F VS2 or 1.30Ct F VS1


Oct 27, 2015
Hello Everyone,

I've been searching for a diamond for an engagement ring for some time now and have narrowed down to two diamonds but cannot decide between the two. I would really appreciate any feedback to help me choose.

Here are the relevant information for both diamonds:

1.27ct F VS2 (GIA)
Measurements: 6.91 - 6.95 x 4.30 mm
Cut/Polish/Symmetry: Excellent
Depth: 62.1%
Table: 56%
Crown Angle: 35.5 degrees
Pavilion Angle: 40.8 degrees
Girdle: Medium, Faceted, 3.5%
Fluorescence: None
HCA: 2.6

1.30ct F VS1 (GIA)
Measurements: 6.96 - 7.00 x 4.35 mm
Cut/Polish/Symmetry: Excellent
Depth: 62.3%
Table: 57%
Crown Angle: 35.0 degrees
Pavilion Angle: 41.0 degrees
Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick, Faceted, 4.0%
Fluorescence: Faint
HCA: 2.4

The 1.30ct is ~$500 USD more expensive than the 1.27ct but that's not really a factor.

My only reservation about picking the 1.30ct VS1 is due to the presence of indented naturals on the clarity plot (would these be visible to the naked eye, would durability concern?). Though the 1.27ct is a VS2, for some reason, the plot seems "cleaner". Please have a look at the attached plot images for each. Talking to the diamond supplier directly, both diamonds are very clean, with any inclusions being clear/white.

Any advice and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!



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