Advice needed regarding diamond setting

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Mar 9, 2002
Here are the specs:
I purchased a 18kt white gold ring.. It's a pave set and channel set with aweight of 1.00 carat round and baguette shaped diamonds. The ring is of a cabochon style slightly rounded tapering design. It's set with 2=.18 carat blue irradiated diamonds. The diamonds are s11-s12 clarity .. The ring is center set with a cubic zirconia.

After four days of wearing the ring, my soon to be wife noticed three baguettes missing. She has no idea how it happened but she swears nothing has touched the ring, they just fell out.. I 100% beleive her.. I purchased the ring from a well know jewellers in Ottawa, Ontario Canada (I won't give the name for legal reasons I guess, but depending on the outcome.. I will trash their name all over the internet) ... When my Fiance called the jeweller, they said they would fix it but blamed the problem on the user and not the ring itself. Right now it's being repaired somewhere.. they have to ship it out and it take 2 weeks. My Fiance is devistated.... Once the ring returns, hopefully nothing else will happen to it.. It has a 10 year guranatee.. What I want to do now is replace the cubic with a real diamond my grandmother has given me. I don't know the exact specs yet.. but my grandmother said it's worth around $8000.00 CDN.. I beleive her.. why would my grandmother lie.. anyway.. The thing is that she wants her own jeweller to replace the diamond.. When I called the place I originally bought the ring from.. they said they will not gurantee the setting if the diamond is going to be replaced by another jeweller.. but they will still gurantee the ring.. After I purchased the ring I have now heard three horror stories from people buying rings there.. such as settings becoming loose and falling out etc..
I don't know if I want that jeweller where I purchased the ring from to put in the real diamond.. My gut instinct says not to trust them. I wonder if my grand ma's jeweller will gurantee the setting of the diamond.. Do you know what questions I should ask both jeweller so I don't get screwed in the end of all this .. which I have a feeling I will if I take this lightly.


Dec 18, 2000
Sorry to hear about those horror stories.
I wished that I could help you with setting the baguettes properly, so that they would never come out.
Having over 10 years of setting experience with Tiffany, Movado, Harry Winston, and H.Stern, I've had so many people ask me to fix their rings bought from other vendors.
Let us know what happens and if you would like to give me a try at the baguettes, I'd be more than happy to.


Sep 3, 2000
Once a different jeweler works with the ring the warranty will be an issue. I don't think you can get around it.

It sounds like the ring needs either to be re-worked or mnade completely over by a competent bench jeweler. Sometimes a defective product just can be repaired properly. A really good store will just do it over correctly, but many places look for the easy fix or the easy way out.

I wish you luck in resolving the matter. Most times it is worth trying to allow the original jeweler an opportunity to fix it first. If that fails, then just get a good place to do it over correctly. You can't win em all, even when you are experienced.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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