Advice greatly appreciated!


Apr 3, 2011
Hi everyone :wavey: ,

I would greatly appreciate extra input. Not sure what to do next. This is my new diamond and solitaire setting.

Diamond specs:
AGS 000
.62ct, G, SI1
Ideal cut
Depth: 61.0%
Table: 54.7%
Polish: ideal
Symm: ideal
Culet: pointed
Flour: none
Crown: 33.9
Pav: 40.8

HCA: 1.0
Light: exl
Fire: exl
Scin: exl
Spread: Very good

Ideal scope was great.

Setting: JA #11019W, 18K white gold.

I'm very pleased with the diamond, very sparkly and bright.

My questions are (1.) regarding the setting. It was made in a size 4, which fits just perfect.

In the internet setting picture, under the diamond, there is a small hole in the gold shank under the basket. I imagine this may aid in cleaning. :confused: When I received the ring there was no hole. I pointed it out to JA and they said that they would gladly put one in for me. What does everyone think? Should I have them put one in? I personally would like one.

Question number 2: I will have to purchase a new wedding band. (my current one a plain 4mm band and yellow gold). I'm leaning towards a 1/2 diamond band. Maybe a small one to fit the style of the ring since it is narrow and petite and my fingers are small. The setting has a little bump at the base of the diamond basket that sticks out. Should I look for a straight band or one that curves around the bump. My concern is that the two gold bands rubbing together may be a problem. What would you PS experts recommend?

I would love everyones feedback and greatly appreciate it! =) Thanks!!!

(I am on an iMac. Could someone please tell me how I can attach a couple of pictures? (jpeg)??) Sorry to be so thick!! :loopy:

I am attaching the url of my ring finished from JA


Feb 11, 2011
The hole in the bottom of the basket would just allow more dirt, gunk, lotion, etc., to accumulate there under the diamond. I imagine it would make cleaning the stone actually more difficult, and more often needed. If I were you, I would keep it closed.

Most jewelers will tell you that the brilliance, sparkle, etc., of a diamond comes out of the diamond from the top light source, not up from the bottom light source, so a hole in the bottom of the basket is really not necessary for light to enter there. But if you like the hole for aesthetic reasons, by all means, ask them to put one there.

Did you ask them if they have a matching wedding band? I have seen matching bands that are made especially to accommodate the "bump" you are describing on other similar engagement rings.



Sep 9, 2008
Hole or not hole I think it is down to personal preference, no difference in cleaning as it is a relatively open mount. I would keep it at the present state, more structural strength and more gold in your setting.

The bump, from what I understand, getting a fitted w-ring is no solution as the w/e rings will likely spin differently, unless your rings are not spinning, and it is only in a particular position will they click together.
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