About to buy please help


Sep 23, 2015
I have a diamond on hold with the following specs and I am about to pull the trigger. I have learned a lot on this forum and now would really appreciate some help from the knowledgable community! From what I have read, I think this diamond is a good purchase, and it fits in budget. Am I missing any glaring issues that I should be concerned about?

G color
VS2 clarity (no black inclusions; and ones visible under 10x are difficult to spot)
GIA Certified
Ideal Cut Grade
EX/EX/EX (Pol/Sym/GIA Cut Grade)
61.9/58 (Dep/Tab)
No Fluorescence
Crown Angle: 36 degrees
Pavillion Angle: 40.6 degrees
Culet: None



Apr 8, 2014
For a diamond "by the numbers" this shows promise. These proportions put the HCA at 1.9 (under 2 is a worthy candidate) and an EX GIA cut grade, but would not fall within the AGS 0 parameters for cut.

If you are unfamiliar with the Holloway Cut Advisor, I would recommend following this link and enter the proportions for yourself.

IF you have some time, it can be fun to play around with numbers and see how different table sizes, depths, CAs and PAs change the score.

To really be sure, I would recommend asking for light performance images (Ideal-Scope or ASET) to make certain the performance is as good as the numbers seem to indicate. The reason the cut-grade is not 'conclusive' is due in large part to the fact that the given numbers for Crown and Pavilion angles are actually an average of 8 separate measurements for each angle. These measurements are rounded, and the average number is produced for the grading report. Variances in angle that may, in reality, have some effect on the way the light performs may not be reflected (see what I did there?) in the rounded averages.

This is why I recommend in all cases where proportions and cut are a deciding factor, you seek an ASET image from the vendor.
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