About to buy diamond. A request for an alternative.


Mar 28, 2015
I feel I may have decided on a diamond for an engagement ring. It's a WF Expert Selection, which I'm sure is stunning in real life. But it doesn't completely match what I had wanted. It's actually bigger than I need and not as colorless as I want. But it's AGS0, HCA < 2, eye clean. There is no fluoro, but I don't mind up to medium if it's not milky. It's also at the upper limit of my budget.

I feel I may have took the easy way out and chose an AGS Ideal because I can't make out the difference between the multitude of GIA 3X diamonds out there. Even with IdealScope/ASET, I'm not good at reading them. So, I'm hoping a few of you might be able to make other suggestions for me before I pull the trigger with the one I have in mind.

I have decided on:
Budget: <$14K for diamond (NY-based stores, it's <$13K since I have to pay sales tax). The total budget is $15K for the entire ring.
Carat: ~1.5ct is perfect (lower limit: 1.45, upper limit: 1.65)
Cut: Ideal/Excellent
Polish, Symm: Ideal/Ex
Color: G or better (current diamond is H)
Clarity: eye clean (current is VS2)
HCA < 2
Fluoro up to medium is OK, especially for near-colorless.

PS search turns up several diamonds that fit this criteria, but there are no IdealScope/ASET associated with them. I've requested a few from these vendors in the past, but they almost always don't have it available.
(ie. )

Many thanks to those who have helped me in the past. I few folks made suggestions in the past, but I was still learning, did not have a good understanding of what I wanted and missed out on some good diamonds.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Hopefully, this is the last request for alternatives before my purchase.


Mar 29, 2016
I agree with diamondseeker's suggestion being a pretty sure-bet but it is at the top end of your budget. If you want to do a little more legwork and request some IS/ASET images, the below choices could be possibilities. Most vendors will work with you on the images, it just depends on where the stone is being held. If they can't get you images for a stone, cross it off and check on the next one. Alternatively, stick to Whiteflash in-house, pay about a 10% premium, and feel very confident you're going to get a great stone with relatively minimal work and risk.

1.55 G VS2 (1.4 HCA) - $13417 -
1.43 E VS2 (1.7 HCA) - $13029 -
1.45 F VS2 (1.5 HCA) - $12662 -
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