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Oct 21, 2002

I finally bought my diamond for my girlfriend. After worrying about it for ages, I bought it and I'm really happy with it. I thought the store was really dodgy and would try to swap the stone on me or something, but they didn't. Thanks to everybody on this site for providing all the information. When I started looking, I was planning to buy a ring from a department store. But I can be a bit of a maniac when I get my head set on something. And I got really into the whole diamond thing. So it ended up taking me over a month.

Anyway the specs on the one I finally got are:

Weight: 0.571 CT
Measurement: 5.34 - 5.36 X 3.28 mm
Color: G
Clarity Grade: SI-1
Proportion Finish: Excellent
Depth%: 60
Table%: 57
Crown Angle: 34
Pavilion Percentage: 43
Culet: None

Garry Holloway FGAA DDT
Factor Grade
Light Return Excellent
Fire Excellent
Scintillation Excellent
or diameter for weight Very Good
Total Visual Performance
0.7 - Excellent - within TIC range

And it has a really nice hearts and arrows pattern. They gave me a H&A viewer and I'll give the stone to my girlfriend unset, so she can see it and then she can choose the ring herself.

For SI-1, it's pretty clean. It has a little feather inclusion that's parallel to one of the edges on the crown. It's actually kind of cute, so I don't care, but I'm a little bit worried that it might grow if it's under pressure from a prong in the setting. Still, people have been saying that a crack has to be pretty big (say 1/3 the diameter) before it will grow any bigger under normal use.

Anyway, because I was worried that they might sell me one, but give me a different one, I took it to my work where we have some really nice microscopes and looked at it under 200 times magnification, so I can really see how nice it is. It's much easier to use a proper microscope than a loop, at least for me.

Originally I was going to get a bigger one, but after getting to know a little bit about diamonds, I went for a better cut. And since this is Japan, I saved myself about $US 2000 by buying a seperate stone. Over here they have these big name brands (Cartier, Burberry's, etc etc) which sell nice rings, but you don't know what kind of diamond you get. And if I had a spare 2 grand anyway, I'd much rather put that into my girlfriends diamond than give it to mr Cartier.

So thanks for all the information and all I have to worry about now is whether she says 'yes' or not. (Should be cool, but you never know:wink2: ). Anyway, isn't that why us guys buy a nice diamond for a proposal? So that even if we aren't scintillating and brilliant, we have something in our pocket to offer that just might be.;))

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