5 stone ring...2.25 ct? or what to do with these stones?


Jun 30, 2011
Hi! I'm new :)

I've got a pair of 1 ct (so .52 each) earrings that are H/I, eye clean, RB. I never wear them and would like to reset them into a ring of some sort. Right now I'm thinking a 5 stone is my first choice. I've got a 10th anniversary coming up and this seems like a good excuse :)
I wear a size 6.5 I think.
I've searched a bit, but didn't see much in this size for comparison. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
With the u prong or trellis setting do they look the same head on, but just different profiles?

I really could do anything with these old earrings...I just don't have any other bright ideas. I'm certainly open to suggestions. I've got a budget of about 6K.

I've been to every B&M jewelry store in my area and haven't seen but one 5 stone ring over a ct. How in the heck do you decide what you want if you can't try it on? I've seen some lovely u prong and trellis settings on the board here--but how do I know how high it is going to sit, if it is going to be comfortable if I can't see one IRL?

I also want to understand if the settings from BGD, and WF are proprietary? I mean if I like the idea of one of them is it reasonable to ask my local jeweler with whom I have a relationship to find something for me? Or would that be like trying to recreate the wheel? I know he will order in stones for me and I'll get to hand select them. I realize they aren't that big, but it's comforting knowing I wont get a dud.
I just feel nervous committing to something without being able to see it and touch it first.

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