30% off rap?

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May 31, 2003
I have been doing alot of research online for a diamond. I finally spent a few hours in the diamond district (oh boy!!) It is a mad house there. It reminded me very much of shopping for a used car in PA. Anyway, I visited 5 different dealers, and without even trying they were giving me "30%" off rap. It seems to me that this is a standard down there. So I ask, what is really a good deal off rap? 40-50%? For example I was looking at only GIA stones I was quoted $5,990. (almost 40% off rap) according to a sheet I happened to get a copy of from Jan 2003) on a 1.44C G VS2 62/58 VG/VG med flo. This sounded almost too good to be true. what is your opinion? The stone looked very nice to me, but i am leary as I am still in the process of learning. My felling is if i spend some more time down there I can easily get 40 or more% off rap but what does that really mean? P.S. This dealer also had a 30 day money back policy. any help would be appreciated. I am looking for a stone around 1.5C G VS1 Ideal cutr round with VG/VG and no flo.. What would be considered a good deal on that type of stone? Price per carat-wise?


Dec 9, 2002

If you know ALL the aspects involved with the Rap sheet, you can use it to buy the
diamond of your dream.

As you know, the only thing missing in the Rap sheet is information about cut, fluo &
shape (rounds are the most expensive).

So depending mainly on the cut of your diamond, you'll get a certain discount off Rap.
Beware also about the HPHT diamonds.... they sell for more than 60% off Rap... However GIA
does not cert. this diamonds.

Some vendors will be able to buy at 50-60% off Rap depending on the size of the parcel
they buy.
You will never be able to get such a discount if you buy only one diamond. However,
if you can find a diamond that looks OK (look at the GIA cert & Sarin) for 30% off
Rap that's a good deal... samething if you can get an Ideal Cut for 10% off Rap.

Hope this helps,



Aug 25, 2000
Rap is a good indicator but the jewelers don't even know where the bottom dollar

I typed in on a nation wide data base what you are looking for and for the same
diamond I get 4 pages and the price could vary $4,000 so what's that 80% below
rap ???? Can you see how silly that is
When I go over seas to buy at the cutting centers what will that be ?? 90% below rap
What is it when you dig it out of the mines and it comes off the polishing wheel 200% below rap?
Look for apples to apples and best deal ,
About them telling you how good a deal you got on paper ???? Well, tell them to
wave that sheet in somebody else's face , that you don't understand it any more then
they do. Talk Product value and price. Have the product sell you not the add on's

I don't cater to the internet , but there are people here that can help you with what
you are looking for. Start with price scope , thats better then a rap sheet

Like I said its a good indicator , some live by it, I never use it. I just keep looking for best deal for my customers.
If you do enough price compairing on like kind product you will know when you hit bottom dollar.


Mar 28, 2001
We had an interesting phone call last week. Someone called and wanted to purchase a stone from us (our top goods) and said if I gave it to them at 30% back from Rap they'd give me cash.
I had to chuckle ... cause if I feel like losing money I'd have more fun doing it in Vegas or Atlantic City!
I think some people are under the misconception that all diamonds no matter the cut quality or manufacturer cost us all the same. This couldn't be further from the truth.

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