$20k for custom engagement ring?


Jan 30, 2016
Hi everyone,

I'm planning on proposing soon and PriceScope has been a substantial portion of my e-ring research. This is only my first post, but thank you all for everything I've read so far.

I have done as much investigating about my girlfriend's taste as possible and now I'm ready to ask for advice on my search.

About her:

- Very not materialistic, owns 0 pieces of expensive jewelry
- Usually likes decorative patterned / engraved styles.
- Prefers true solitaire rings. One rock and some metal, that's it.
- Her favorite e-ring we could find online is this from Brilliant Earth:
- She would like a round cut diamond, with no preference on any of the 4 C's.

About me:

- Flexible budget, but ~$20k feels about right
- Planning on proposing in the beginning of March (~4 or 5 weeks).

I get the feeling my girlfriend would be uncomfortable with too large of a stone. My sister has a 1.64 carat solitaire and my gut feeling is that this is around my girlfriend's upper limit in terms of size. Because of this, I think it makes more sense to allocate my budget towards premium cut/color/clarity and a nice custom setting.

Here are my questions:

1. Who are the custom ring designers I should contact about a platinum solitaire setting?

I'm thinking something similar to the BE ring I linked above, with possibly some decorative vine-style engraving (like this band: ).

2. What are the GIA ratings that are perfect to the naked eye in normal wear?

I want a perfect stone for this ring because I don't have a particular size constraint. At the same time, I'm a practical person. I want it to look perfect on her finger, not under a microscope. For example, if the colors "D" and "E" are indistinguishable without training, it doesn't make sense to pay a premium there.

Basically, I want maximum sparkle, not maximum ego.

Thanks for any advice!


Aug 8, 2005
Okay so a nice 1.6-1.75 carat ring. And a gorgeous custom setting.

Can do.

I'd go for one of these beauties at or under 17k (with wire transfer):

And that will leave you 3-4k (assuming there is a little flexibility in your budget) for a custom hand-forged twisted shank setting.

I'd send the diamond to Steven Kirsch and have him do a gorgeous setting for you in platinum.\

This will give you the highest quality ring you can get. And it will dazzle her.


Mar 3, 2014
Also top notch quality, Mark Morrell. His platinum is often referred to as liquid platinum. Here is an example of a twisted vine by him. It looks just like the example you gave minus the flower style head. Mark can make the example you gave. Show_Lily_5mm-moissanite_sz4.08 (3).JPG


Nov 28, 2008
This is just my opinion: The ring you posted from BE is such a popular design, that there is no need to go the expensive custom route. Most of the manufactures that jewelers keep in their stable make several versions of it, ranging from plain as you linked us to encrusted with diamonds. I would go that route and put the bulk of your budget into the diamond. The only thing I would suggest is if you are going to get a diamond over a carat, put it in a 6-prong setting instead of the four. It will allow the shape of the stone to not be squared off with the 4-prongs and it will be a lot more secure. Good luck, and early congrats...what an exciting time for you!


Aug 8, 2005
Can you check with her to see if she's like this as a variation?

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