1A oval??????

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Oct 4, 2002
All I can say is good luck. 1A fancies are hard to find. I have been looking for a 1a pear for quite some time. I am dealing with Rhino at he has been extrememly helpful and has found some wonderful stones for me.

Maybe try him!


Sep 3, 2000
I commend your persistence is hunting for a 1A cut fancy. In reality, you need to examine individual diamonds with some 1A and 1B characterisitics so that you become aware of what constitutes a finely cut fancy shape. You can use a BrillianceScope to highlight the light performance and inherent weaknesses of each stone in order to make a comparison and to assist you in making a selection.

I suggest you don't make the 1A a goal, but rather a target. Try to get a correct depth. That way you'll get a good length and width, not one that is too large or especially too small. Try to get a decent crown height because that is what helps make the dispersion visible. Stay away from very thick girdles as they add nothing to the "look" but only to the weight. Trim the fat! Try to get a table in the 57 to 61 range as this gives the crown enough height room to work and makes the top not like a large flat plane such as found in larger table % stones.

When all of these details are minded, you may have a 1A, 1B or even a 2A stone. Then, do the BrillianceScope, look at the diamond. Ask yourself if you love the look. If all of this comes together, then you may have found the right diamond.....

As much as I pitch the AGA system I created, it was never meant to be more than a guide to better buying and better cutting. Without comparison and examination, the numbers do not necessarily give a great result. I have seen cutters fail in their attempt to cut by the AGA charts. More recently, I have seen great success because the cutter figured out how to stay within the parameters AND create a beautiful stone. Both kinds are out there, so looking is most essential.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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