18k vs plat prong for 1.3 ct diamond on rose gold band?


Aug 7, 2012
'm planning to get a rose gold band with pave side stones...and the band is tapered...2.7 on top (right next to diamond head), 2.2 on side and 1.45 on bottom (palm side) .. also the depth seems to be shallow... so I might ask to see if they can make it deeper...(Im worried they will charge a lot more... :eh: :eh: for making adjustments)

The original design an display had a rose gold head along with the rose gold band, but I wanted the head to be white..

So, I've read up a couple articles on 18k white gold vs plat.. and I'm having a hard time understanding which one would be a better selection for the prongs to hold my diamond?

18k WG for the center diamond or palt??

Also, going back to the band... I am worried about it being so dainty... it is pretty but I want my rock to be secured!!!

Do you think just making the band deeper will be okay instead of making it wider?? what is a average thickness for ering bands?? My fingers are short (~65mm)... so thinner bands seems nicer, but I'm just worried about durability... and my finger size is 5.5...

On a side note, it rose gold considered trendy? I never considered rose gold as a metal for an e-ring, but when I've tried it on, it looked so beautiful against my skin... I fell in love right away...

I'm just worried it's going to look old after a year or two... :naughty: and I would be sad if this happens...

let me know what ur thoughts are on this... :wall: :wall:


Jan 11, 2006
Hmmm, I do think rose gold will go in and out of style for wedding sets and jewelry in general more so than platinum and yellow gold. But if it is beautiful on you and you love it, I think it is fine. You'll just have to be comfortable with sticking with it after that trend passes. I would personally probably do the e-ring in platinum and have two thin bands and one could be rose gold for times I wanted to have a touch of rg.

But to your main question, have the prongs done in platinum. White gold is more brittle and can break whereas platinum is more pliable and if a prong was caught on something, it would likely bend. The main advantage is that over time gold wears away and you'd have to have your prongs retipped. So I would always choose platinum for the heads of rings.
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