10 Yr Anniversary / Xmas / Family

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Dec 13, 2006
So many questions, where to start.

First a little background , my wife and I are coming up on our 10th anniversary Feb 15th. We have 2 children an 8 year old and a soon to be 1 year old (Dec 20). I want to get her something nice for our anniversary since when we got married we didn't have much money I think i spent $1500 or so on her engagement ring and then 4-500 on the wedding ring ( a solitaire wrap). One thing was is when I got her engagement ring, I got a very nice diamond as far as quality but it wasn't very large (I believe it was a 1/3 carat VS1,E). Its pretty, but just lacks that wow factor.

I'm torn on what to get her,I thought about replacing her stone , but then I'm not sure how she would feel about not having the one I originally gave her on her ring. Or upgrading the setting moving the stone to the side buying a matching one and getting a larger center. But then again not the original setting.

Or just buy her another right all together in addition to the solitaire & wrap, at that point I'm torn between a single diamond, 3 Stone, or an eternity style.

Then comes down to the fact, we do have 2 children and while we are substantially better off financially now , we also have a family but I feel $2500 give or take is respectable enough to get something nice while not strapping the family budget. Heck with out the kids 10k would be fine. :)
I guess this time around Id rather go a little larger and less quality ( S1/S2 , G-I).

Then last but not least, what do you think about giving it to her early?
The last few years we haven't really giving gifts to each other for xmas, we would rather spend it on the kids.
And typically for our anniversary we would just go out for dinner, its not that I'm trying to be cheap and combo gifts, its more that I really cant wait to give her something because she really deserves it.

Mr. Confused


May 23, 2006
That''s sweet of you to get her a bigger diamond for your anniversary. Maybe you could take the original stone and put it in a pendant, and then just buy a new solitaire ring. That way, you would only be paying for one new stone rather than two new ones. Plus, she would still be able to wear her original stone!



Mar 26, 2006
Maybe a blingy 5 stone ring to wear on her right hand? Here''s one from Facets that is .81 ctw for $2,070. They also have a 7 stone 1.04 ctw for $2,394.

five stone band.jpg


Aug 31, 2005
Mr. Confused,

I like poptart's idea of putting her old stone into a pendant and getting her a larger solitaire. Another option might be an eternity band, like this one:

1.44ctw eternity band ($2385)
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