1.5 carat Do I go for VS2-SI1 clarity? What do I need to worry about with Inclusions? F-G color?

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Apr 22, 2002
On a plot of inclusions (SI1 or VS2) what are the crystals, feathers, etc.? What are more obvious and detract from the diamond's brilliance? Also, where are the worst spots on a diamond to have these inclusions?

I am looking at F and mostly G SI1 1.50-1.55carat diamonds. What do I have to look out for with these stones, assuming tables of (56-58%) and depth of 58-61.9%? If I need to compromise, what is recommended? F to G or VS2 to SI1? Both? My budget is ~9500-10K (hopefully not reaching) and I would like no fluorescence, and either Very good to excellent on polish and symmetry? What's good ot focus on?

Thanks for any help here!!



Feb 24, 2002
Well, I've bought a diamond or two, but I'm hardly an expert. The most important C is cut. It's also the most difficult to shop for. Cut Nut, Leonid, and others have devised computer tools to help you determine cut quality. Trouble is, they require precise input to give you a good answer. A Sarin report on the diamond is what you need. Trouble is, hardly any diamond you look at will have the report readily available. An AGS certed gem will give you a reliable grade on cut quality. Trouble is, there aren't that many AGS certed stones out there yet. EGL certed stones give you cut information. Trouble is, it's in percentages. It's really not precise enough for the computer tools. A little optical device called the IdealScope is advertised on this site. It is supposed to give you a on-site visual evaluation of cut. Trouble is, you have to learn what to look for. You probably should practice with it a little first. Or you can throw up your hands and look at trade-marked diamonds. They base their reputations on their quality cuts. Trouble is, they cost a bunch! :twirl:
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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