1/3 ctw studs: WF ready set to go OR Union Diamond?

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Aug 17, 2005
Long-time lurker popping in to ask for your expert opinions...
35.gif I''m about to purchase a little pair of studs (for everyday where as a stay-at-home mom) and I''ve been combing the web this afternoon. I am looking at around .30 ctw. Since this is basically one of those "it''s been a long winter and I need a little pick me up" type of purchases, I''m going to go the pre-set route with these, rather than stress over the details.

I noticed that Union Diamond has .33 ctw studs (in white gold) for $275 in 3 or 4 prong setting. The limited specs they provide are "Diamond Color: Near Colorless Diamond Clarity: SI".

Whiteflash, on the other hand, has .30 ctw studs listed at $340 for prong set .30 ctw. (G SI)

Sooooo...after all that, what I wonder is this: Would there really be a significant differences between the stones in the WF earrings and the ones from Union Diamond? I''ve seen people rave and rave about whiteflash, and I''ve seen quite a lot of good words about the ready set to go pieces on these forums. Then again, at that size, would it really matter if there was a big difference?? (Truth be told, I don''t mind paying the extra cash for a little more fire, even if it''s only noticeable to me during my daily jewelry cleaning...or as my husband calls it, my daily jewelry worshipping session...hehehe.)

Any opinions are welcome!


Nov 8, 2005
I would spring for the whiteflash if the price difference is not a big deal to you. I just got some studs from whiteflash and they are spectacular!! The whole buying experience was great. (I need to post oics of them - have been really busy!)
I''m not sure if blue nile is any cheaper but they might be another place to check out. I have nothing against Union Diamond I just don''t have any personal experience with them.


Jun 1, 2003
Have you gone to see how big .3tcw would look on your ear? I quite like how earrings of this carat weight or even less look bezel set. Lynn B posted a shot of .10 Tiffany studs and Wallermama has a pair that total .30. Sorry to add to your considerations...Unless you absolutely hate bezels and are going for the beautifully delicate sparkle look...


Aug 1, 2003
I bought a pair of studs from white flash and the customer service was great and the studs were beautiful.

I was actually just thinking about my experience with them yesterday because I bought some pearl earrings and a pendant from an online pearl vendor and the customer sevice was just okay and iI had to exchange the earrings for another pair for another because the first pair was not that great. Anyway it made me think about how good my last experience was buying online with whiteflash.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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