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Pink Diamonds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month blog post.

Pink Diamonds for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of October being breast cancer awareness month, we’ve decided to share a few facts and some of our favorite famous pink stones.  In the US, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer typically has no symptoms when the tumor is small and most easily treated, wh...

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Men's Brooches blog post.

Men’s Brooches

Nick Jonas wears a brooch from the Chopard Haute Joaillerie collection featuring a 19.95-carat black opal set in 18k yellow gold and colored titanium. The Brooch has splashed back into fashion in a big way, and we are not just talking about for women. Men are gracing the red carpet and elsewhere accessorizing wit...


Met Gala 2021 Jewelry.

Met Gala 2021: Our Favorite Pieces from the Red Carpet

Like all large events in the last year and a half, the Met Gala fell victim to the pandemic and was scrapped in 2020. Although usually held in May, fashion and jewelry lovers alike probably have few complaints, eager as we were to see what sparklers would be making their way down the red carpet. Here are some of ...

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Style File: Kylie Jenner blog post.

Style File: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a remarkable young lady, no matter how you feel about her or her family. She is the baby of the Kardashian/Jenners that were the stars of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kylie has some amazing jewelry, and we bet she will get more for her birthday on August 10! The Jenner girls were just the litt...

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Style File Jennifer Lopez. (Image Source: My Life After Coffee).

Style File: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Lopez better known as J.Lo needs no introduction. Her 52nd birthday is on the 24th of July and in true PriceScope fashion, we are about to show you some of Jennifer Lopez's best red carpet jewelry looks. Here is J.Lo's Top 5 Red Carpet Jewelry Looks: Jennifer Lopez at the 2011 Golden Globes ...

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From Hermione to Belle: Emma Watson through the years

Style File: Emma Watson

(Image Source: Cleveland) When we think of Emma Watson, most of us probably still associate her with Hermione Granger though she has had a successful acting career as an adult. She turned a startling thirty-one on April 15th, I think a lot of us expect her to be in her early twenties (she sure looks it, lucky for h...

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Kerry Washington. Image Source: Rhyl Journal

SAG Awards 2021

  Nothing is quite like it used to be, as close as it may seem. The stars were as glamourous as ever for the SAG Awards, even if they were streaming in from their homes. Among the elite, there were some incredible jewelry looks, proving that they didn’t phone in the looks…even if they were in their living room...


Coming to America 2.

Coming to America 2 – The Jewelry

We return to Zamunda after over 3 decades, and it is just as opulent and fascinating as it was the first time, not to mention hilarious. The dance choreography, the outfits, the jewelry, oh my! Eddie Murphy is back as Prince Akeem, with his Royal friends and family. Time to catch up! If you saw Coming to America ...

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