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Supreme x Tiffany & Co. Collaborate for Fall 2021 blog post.

Supreme x Tiffany & Co. Collaborate for Fall 2021

Streetwear brand, Supreme, and luxury jewelry brand, Tiffany & Co. recently announced that they will be collaborating for Fall 2021. This is one of the most anticipated collaborations for loyal consumers of both Supreme and Tiffany. Their Fall 2021 collection drops in the United States tomorrow, 11 November 2021...

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Pearl and gold ring.

What is Heirloom Jewelry?

What is Heirloom Jewelry? is a motivational post on everything you need to know about the basics of heirloom jewelry. This blog post explores the definition of heirloom jewelry, why heirloom jewelry is important and in closing, I’ll be showcasing a few heirloom jewelry pieces of my own. If you have a love for heirlo...

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Kate Winslet.

Jewelry in My 40’s

Kate Winslet (aged 45) in a pair of David Morris chandelier earrings at the London premiere of Divergent. The earrings feature a pair of emeralds totaling 8.94ct and 8.67ct surrounded by brilliant and pear-cut diamonds. (Image Source: The Jewelry Editor) As a woman in her forties who had a later start on some of her...

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Mae West in She Done Him Wrong 1933 Paramount Pictures

Jewelry in My 30’s

Mae West's baubles are more jewelry in the 1930's than in my 30's - but a girl can dream. Let me preface the following by saying that every jewelry journey is one’s own – the way mine has gone and my preferences and choices are in no way a judgment of anyone else’s or a ruler by which any others should be measure...

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Jewelry Collections to Covet

Elizabeth Taylor painted by Yoo Choong Yeul   We’ve talked endlessly about building a jewelry wardrobe and what pieces make up our jewelry basics. So, this time we’ve decided to take a different approach and highlight the women who not only created solid jewelry wardrobes but legendary wardrobes that people...

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5+ ct Emerald Cut

Fabulous 5 Carat Emerald Cut and More!

The Jewel Of The Week is always challenging to select because there are so many exquisite jewels that get posted in the Show Me The Bling! forum each week. When it came to making the final selection I was taken back by Aac2013 posted pictures of her updated jewel collection. This post starts off on a high with a br...

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A WOW for Wedding Jewelry

  Astaeria pics of her incredible wedding jewelry on the Show Me the Bling forum at PriceScope!  What a stunning collection, and I love that she has created this post with so many magnificent pictures of her day for us all to enjoy! There is no wrong answer, which piece is your favorite?   [captio...


July Style Icon: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Legendary Jewelry Collectors

  Jewelry is nothing new. For centuries women and men have coveted priceless jewels. The result is some lucky people have inherited and created phenomenal jewelry collections. Today, we look at some of the world’s best known jewelry collectors; some of which you’ve heard, and others which you’re discovering ...

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