Mermaid Worthy Fishtail Pave from WF for Lynn B

Mermaid Worthy Fishtail Pave from WF for Lynn B

Mermaid Worthy Fishtail Pave from WF for Lynn B

Lynn B shared this stunning Engagement Ring on the Show Me The Bling Community at Oh My Goodness! This is shockingly lovely, and as you can see by the number of pages in the comments of the original post, it’s a big favorite. There are SO MANY fabulous pictures that you could spend a loooong time enjoying this delicious eye candy!


Dreamy fishtail

Dreamy fishtail

There are so many amazing pics that I really struggled with which ones to choose for this post. It truly behooves you to go to the original post and delight in the fabulousness! I called it mermaid worthy because I love mermaids so that the biggest compliment for me! The gems of the hidden treasures of the deep are always fantasy worthy, and this belongs in a story like that! This Whiteflash upgrade is fairy tale worthy!


The Stats:
Fishtail pave
.02 ACA melee
custom made by WF
Ring size: 4.75.

Center stone:
Lynn B’s beautiful AGS-0
2.36 ct
Color: J
Clarity: SI2

To read more of the story and see more, visit the engagement ring pics here.

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By Kayti Kawachi

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