Tiaras of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has been reigning for 70 years! On February 6, 2022, The Platinum Jubilee arrived, a celebration marking the incredible longevity of her tenure.

A marker of her compassion and love for her people, the “walkabout” was begun by Queen Elizabeth II in the 1970s. Until that time, the Royal Family was viewed in vehicles or on horseback. Queen Elizabeth II wanted the chance to meet more than only dignitaries on her visits, so she established the tradition of walking among the people, shaking hands, and exchanging pleasantries. The willingness to mingle, if even in a controlled way, with her people separates Queen Elizabeth II from her predecessors.

Her Majesty has worn many crowns over the last 70 years, her love of jewels would rival that of any PriceScoper. We wanted to celebrate her while sharing some of our favorites of the tiaras that she has worn.


The Queen of England in her regalia.
We have discussed Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara at length. This gorgeous tiara was the one upon the head of then Princess Elizabeth when she was married. It has been worn by many royal women for important occasions.  

From a previous blog: “Queen Victoria gifted the necklace to Queen Mary. The diamonds from the necklace became part of the Fringe Tiara, and it was later passed on to Queen Mary’s Daughter in Law. Queen Elizabeth enjoyed it for many years and lent it to her daughter, then Princess Elizabeth, for her wedding. When Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) passed away, Queen Elizabeth II became the owner of the piece. Before Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) passed, Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter Princess Anne wore it for her wedding. Most recently it was worn by Princess Beatrice for her nuptials. Princess Beatrice was then wearing the diamonds that were a gift from her Great-Great-Great Grandmother to her Great-Great-Grandmother.”

A family connection of love and beauty.



A committee that was led by Lady Eva Greville (who would later become one of Queen Mary’s Ladies in Waiting) collected funds to gift this beautiful headpiece to Queen Mary, then the Duchess of York.

Queen Mary gifted her beloved tiara to her granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth upon her wedding. While she did not wear this tiara for the wedding, she has worn it many times throughout her life. In fact, this tiara is one that she is wearing in the images on some banknotes.

A UK 10 pound note.


3 images of Queen Elizabeth II in different times of her life, wearing the same tiara.

Also seen on banknotes, The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara is a thing of supreme beauty. This tiara was originally commissioned by the Grand Duchess Maria Petrovna from the royal jewelry house Bolin. When the Tsar was forced to abdicate, and their family went into hiding many pieces of the Grand Duchess’ jewelry collection were saved. Albert Stopford (British antiques and art dealer who specialized in Fabergé and Cartier) was the friend that got her jewels out, and this tiara was among those spared.

Bank of the Caribbean Note.

In 1920, when the Grand Duchess passed, many of her jewels were sold to support her children. Queen Mary bought the glorious tiara and as it had been damaged in transit, she took it to the House of Garrard. While it was there, Queen Mary had them alter the tiara so that it could have the hanging diamonds switched out for emeralds to make it more versatile.

The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara was another that was gifted by Queen Mary to her beloved granddaughter. This tiara is often believed to be the favorite of the Queen, and it is a stunning choice.

A letter to the world from the Queen of England

We congratulate and honor Queen Elizabeth II on her 70th year of service. She has been a bejeweled inspiration to so many, Thank you!

Which is your favorite, one of these or another? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Kayti Kawachi

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