The Jewelry of “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”

The world of Bridgerton has captivated audiences with its sumptuous costumes, opulent settings, and enthralling storylines. The spin-off series, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, delves deeper into the fascinating  life of the enigmatic Queen Charlotte herself. Amidst the grandeur and intrigue of the Georgian era, one cannot help but be mesmerized by the dazzling jewelry that adorns the characters in this captivating tale. Join us as we explore the remarkable jewelry in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story and discover the exquisite pieces that add a touch of sparkle to this regal world.

I think we all knew that this blog was coming, but once you watch it you KNOW this is worth talking about! They play a bit fast and loose with the period and are not fastidiously loyal to the era. This limited series is also set in the Georgian era as opposed to Bridgerton which transpires in the Regency era. There is more playfulness and light in the choices that they’ve made that further the visual storytelling. A ton of the pieces featured were creations of Larkspur & Hawk, who worked in tandem with the costumers to design the jewelry of the Ton. It is beautiful and real pieces in the style would be a boon to any collection.



India Amarteifio as Queen Charlotte and Corey Mylchreest as King George in 'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Love Story'

Queen Charlotte and King George dancing at a Soiree. (Image Source: NETFLIX)

The necklaces showcased in the series are a testament to the opulence and grandeur of the Georgian period. Characters such as Queen Charlotte, Princess Augusta, and Lady Danbury are often adorned with statement necklaces that feature cascading diamonds, vibrant gemstones, and intricate goldwork. While Violet Bridgerton often wears a more reserved necklace than her companions, it is still decadent and a display of wealth and station. These necklaces add a touch of glamour to their elegant attire, instantly drawing attention and conveying their social status.


14K White Gold Oval Multi-Color Sapphire And Diamond Tennis Necklace at James Allen
Multi-Color Mixed Shape Gemstone Necklace at Blue Nile


The sumptuously clothed and adorned women of Queen Charlotte’s royal court. LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX

Queen Charlotte’s decadent and well-adorned royal court. (Image Source: LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)

Earrings are a favorite accessory among the characters in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. From dainty and delicate designs to bold and ornate pieces, earrings play a pivotal role in completing the ensemble of the ladies of the court. The earrings boast intricate filigree work, colorful gemstones, and shimmering pearls, enhancing the beauty and grace of the characters. They are a visual feast for the eyes, adding a touch of sparkle to every scene. 


18k White Gold Simon G. TE201 Duchess Diamond Earrings at Whiteflash
Sapphire and Diamond Halo Drop Earrings at Blue Nile


Princess Augusta, mother of King George, and her Court.

Princess Augusta, mother of King George, and her Court. (Image Source: NETFLIX)

The way that they use tiaras to adorn their hair styles that climb for the heavens is amazing. The use of gems and jewels is so thoughtful and interesting that I imagine even people who aren’t as jewelry fixated as we are would notice! 


The Emmy Winning Costumer, Lyn Paolo spoke to JCK Magazine about the designs. The interview was focused on her and her co-designer Laura Frecon’s collaboration with Larkspur & Hawk. From the JCK Interview:

“Anyone familiar with the Larkspur & Hawk brand knows that foil-backing diamonds and gemstones were a common practice in Georgian-era jewelry design and that Satloff has resurrected the technique as a distinguishing feature of her collection. In the past, she says, “One of the considerations that Georgian jewelers were after was how the stones would sparkle and glow in candlelight in the evening for parties.”

On some level, this was also the primary consideration for Queen Charlotte’s Emmy Award–winning costume designer Lyn Paolo when it came to selecting jewels to complement the sumptuous—and wildly embellished—gowns she created for the show (in collaboration with co-designer Laura Frecon).

In her search for authentic Georgian jewels, “I was visiting all these fantastic antique stores in and around London but struggling to figure out how to modernize the look so that it would have the essence of the period but still feel relevant to the modern eye,” says Paolo, whose CV includes such shows as Scandal (ABC), How to Get Away With Murder (ABC), Inventing Anna (Netflix), and Shameless (Showtime). It was Paolo’s New York-based publicist Linda Kearns who connected her to Larkspur & Hawk.

“What I love about Emily Satloff and her team is that they wanted to see what I was doing first, which I respect 100 percent,” says Paolo. “They didn’t just say yes to me right away—because Emily takes her world so seriously, and she’s so passionate about Georgian jewelry. So I sent her a PDF of swatches and fabrics and some preproduction images, and we discovered that we speak the same language. And I immediately fell in love with her as a human and have now become obsessed with her jewelry.”


14K White Gold Allure Diamond Halo Emerald Necklace at James Allen
Trio Oval Blue Topaz Bracelet at Blue Nile
14K White Gold Sapphire And Diamond Pendant Necklace With Scalloped Halo at B2C Jewels
18K White Gold Diamond Pavé Bracelet from Adiamor.


Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is currently streaming on Netflix. Just for the dazzling eye candy, it’s worth a watch. There is scandal, and spice as ever in the Shonda Rhimes world, but the costumes are impeccable. We definitely want to hear about your likes and dislikes from the jewelry in the show! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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