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Love stories, the sappier the better. That is part of the February vibe that we all love so much. There are no stories with thicker sap than those in soap operas. Some of the most epic romances and the most stunning jewelry showed up in the soaps. While we are celebrating love in all things, soaps are a fun place to look.

For me, soap operas started out as an integral part of summer vacation. I watched soaps with my Mom and then we went to the pool or did other fun stuff. Those summer days though always included soaps, the kids in my neighborhood even had a party when Patch and Kayla got married on Days of Our Lives, we bought a cake and put an eyepatch and a tube of lipstick on it. Even as a sweet summer child, I started noticing the jewelry. 

It may be heartbreaking to watch your beloved favorite couples break up, but the joy of soaps is that there will be another deep intense true-love type romance just around the corner. What comes along with the many tangled love stories that the soaps so deftly weave, weddings, engagements, jewelry! I mean, rapidly aging children as well but the bling is what I am focused on today! Though some women do deserve some extra sparkle when they are suddenly fifty-year-old great grandmother because their children and grandchildren have been aged so swiftly to create a plot of their own.

A few wildly popular weddings have happened over the years drawing massive audiences to gather and watch. There was an undeniable attachment to favorite characters, and watching the culmination of months’ worth of ‘will they/won’t they’ was a playoff that people were excited for. None were more popular than Luke and Laura. 

Luke and Laura

This couple was so incredibly popular, that they’ve become a pop culture reference for people who have never seen a moment of General Hospital. Their wedding was viewed by 30 million people, which in 1981 was unbelievable for daytime television!

Sears sold replicas of Laura’s ring, and for their 25th-anniversary replicas were given out to the entire audience of The View! It’s a big ring, but I think that an updated take on the look would be amazing. 

Luke and Laura.
Luke Spencer and Laura Webber from General Hospital. (Image Source: We love Soaps.)



 Laura’s ring.
Laura’s Wedding Ring in General Hospital.


A 14K Rose Gold Emerald Three Stone Engagement Ring.
14K Rose Gold Emerald Three Stone Engagement Ring at James Allen.


Outside of weddings, our favorites were wearing dazzling jewels that reminded us that the characters they portrayed were the crème de la crème of their respective towns. They were often a bit mischievous, but that is part of what kept fans tuning in day after day. Due to the sheer number of characters over the many years that the soaps dominated our daytime tv airwaves, we are only going to cover a few, but we would love to hear about your faves as well!


Erica Kane.
American actress Susan Lucci better known as Erica Kane in All My Children. (Image Source: Soap Opera Wiki)


Erica Kane was married 10 times over her time in All My Children’s Pine Valley. Some were not legal, some she married twice. She was obviously in love with love though, and viewers were thrilled to watch her fall, again and again, headfirst into it. She wore a lot of classic pearls and diamond jewelry and her looks were usually on point. 


Freshwater Cultured Pearl Trio Diamond Drop Earrings in 14k White Gold.
Freshwater Cultured Pearl Trio Diamond Drop Earrings in 14k White Gold at Blue Nile.

Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady).
Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady in Days Of Our Lives). (Image Source: Daily Soap Dish).


14K Yellow Gold 16 inch Cable Chain With Pearls.
14K Yellow Gold 16 inch Cable Chain With Pearls at B2C Jewels.

Hope Williams Brady, with just a few breaks she was a feature of Days of Our Lives since 1974 (though portrayed by Kristian Alfonso from 1983- 2020 with only a few interruptions). It is no surprise that she was a fan favorite. She has been married or involved several times to several people but the love of her life that most people think of is Bo Brady. Bo and Hope were a super couple that was an anchor for the love stories of Salem. 

The one thing that all of our soap faves have in common is that they love, they love often, and they love BIG.

Is there a soap character that you love? Which soap character’s looks were inspiring for you? We want to know about your favorites! Come chime in in the PriceScope RockyTalky forum by clicking on the comments button below. 

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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