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Sun, 29 Jul 2018

More Pendant Love

More Pendant Love

More Pendant Love

More Pendant Love

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More Pendant Love

More Pendant Love

M-2-b shared this stunning Diamond Pendant on the Show Me The Bling Community at The Throwback Thursday was a graceful and delicate pear pendant, and today we have an incredible Whiteflash ACA that is jaw dropping.

Paired with ACA Studs

Paired with ACA Studs

Apparently I am feeling the pendants this week, but I hope after looking at these beauties you can see why! This one is a much bigger stone and creates a statement look, while carrying a dignified grace. It's outstanding, m-2-b, congratulations!

The Stats:
2.8 ct Whiteflash ACA
platinum Four Corners Custom setting
Color: I
Clarity: VS-2

Go see the post with TONS more pics! Follow me to the bling!

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By Kayti Kawachi

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