Over the moon for this Oval Ering!


LoveJC originally posted this incredible 3 stone engagement ring on the Show Me the Bling forum at PriceScope.  This ring is just marvelous, I love the finger coverage and those trillions compliment the oval so well it nearly looks like one piece. Absolutely stunning engagement ring!



the match is unreal!


The stones and the setting came from Josh Fishman in NYC, who does a lot of work for LoveJC and her family. LoveJC said that she learned a lot from PriceScope, as so many do when they are on the great search for their dream ring! We are awfully glad to help, especially when it leads to such astonishing beauty! I hope you have worn it in happiness and love for many years now! We’d love to hear more about this ring!


The Stats:

2.89 center cw
.74 tcw sidestones
59.6% depth
62% table

Visit the original post with more pics, and join me in congratulating LoveJC



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By Kayti Kawachi


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