New Article: AGS Laboratory Diamond Clarity Grading

By Erika Winters

In collaboration with AGS Laboratories, Bryan Boyne, G.G., vice president of Whiteflash Inc., explains the diamond clarity grading process in this new Pricescope Journal article: AGS Laboratories – Clarity Grading of Diamonds.

“Diamond clarity grading involves assessing how readily visible the inclusions are in a diamond and accounting for an extensive list of potential variables including the size, number, type, location, and relief of its inclusions. At the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL), clarity grading begins once color grading is completed.”

Interesting reflected diamond inclusion that resembles fish
Photo courtesy of Whiteflash.

Some diamond inclusions are very fun and interesting like this reflected inclusion that resembles fish.

This article is the fourth installment of an ongoing series on diamond grading.

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