Natural Diamond Prices – June 2022

It’s been just over three (3) months since Russia invaded Ukraine and as expected the natural diamond market has taken a dip. This decline was predicted long before the war broke out in Russia as experts say that it will be some time before the impact of Russian sanctions is felt downstream. However, consumers are expected to pay higher prices for loose natural diamonds and diamond jewelry. Furthermore, Mother’s Day has recently passed, and although it is an occasion where consumers splurge on diamond jewelry we predict that sales were scarce due to the current state of the economy. Let’s take a closer look at how the occurrences throughout May and the spending behavior of consumers had an effect on the Top 5 Popular Diamond Shapes and the state of Natural Diamond Prices for June 2022:


Top 5 Popular Diamond Shapes - June 2022

Round diamonds continue to be the most popular shape of diamond on the market making up 79.47% (popularity) and increasing by 6.44% in popularity since May 2022. Oval sits in second place making up 7.80% (popularity) and decreasing by 0.05% in popularity since last month. Cushion remains in third place making up 4.71% (popularity), and decreasing in popularity by 31.42% since last month. Emerald continues to sit in fourth place and marquise has made the Top 5 Popular Diamond Shapes for the first time this year.


Diamond Prices June 2022

The table below gives you the rundown and details of the changes for the last three months:

Round Diamond Price Changes For The Last 3 months
Diamond Carat Sizes 4/1/2022 5/1/2022 6/1/2022
0.0 – 0.5 2 %  -6 %  -3 % 
0.5 – 1.0 2 %  -6 %  -4 % 
1.0 – 2.0 4 %  -3 %  -2 % 
2.0 – 3.0 3 %  -2 %  -1 % 
3.0 – 4.0 3 %  -2 %  -2 % 
4.0 – 99 2 %  -1 %  -1 % 

1.00-1.19 Carat Sizes Average Price Per Carat For a Round Diamond - June 2022

This June the average price per carat for a round diamond of 1 – 1.19 carat G color VS1 clarity is $9,588 compared to May 2022 which was an average price of $9,792. The average price per carat for round diamonds has decreased by 2.08% since last month.

The current average and lowest prices per carat are shown in PriceScope’s diamond price charts by carat and their corresponding color and clarity.

We advise consumers to keep in mind that cut quality and vendor services such as upgrades and returns can make a significant difference in the price point when shopping for loose diamonds. PriceScope has been collecting retail diamond prices since 2007 of over 1,000,000 diamonds currently in the database. PriceScope diamond price chart page shows the full diamond price charts for rounds and other fancy shapes. We update the diamond prices on a monthly basis. Keep an eye out for July’s diamond prices.

What will the medium to the long-term effect of the 2022 Russian sanctions have on the global supply of natural diamonds? Will Father’s Day, Independence Day, and/ or the Summer shopping season have a positive influence on the price of natural diamonds for July 2022? We would love to read your natural diamond industry predictions – Click the comments button below.

Whether you’re actively shopping for natural diamonds or just browsing – Check out the PriceScope Diamond Search.

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