Mother’s Day Gifts 2020

Image: Freshwater Pearl Studs with Diamond Halos in 14k White Gold at Blue Nile


Can you believe that it’s almost Mother’s Day?! We’ve been so preoccupied by the quarantine, that the holiday snuck up on us without us noticing. So, we’ve gone into brainstorming some fabulous gifts that we think any mother would love to have. We’d love to see what you are getting the Mom’s in your life or what you hope to get yourself!


Upgrade Her: Earring Jackets


Diamond earring jackets set in 18K white gold at Whiteflash


We know tons of mother’s with diamond stud earrings, therefore instead of buying another pair of diamond earrings, why don’t you upgrade her current pair while increasing their versatility by gifting her with a pair of diamond earring jackets. They’re a fast way to upgrade a pair of studs without the added cost.


Love is Eternal

Infinity necklace set in platinum at Blue Nile


Our mothers loved us long before we got here and we’ll continue to love them long after they’re gone. This is why we selected a beautiful infinity necklace to represent the eternal and undying love the mother and child bond represents. We think it is an elegant necklace that will look great in the house and outside the home.


What’s in a Name


Engravable bar bracelet in 14K yellow gold at Blue Nile


Your name means everything to your mother and we know mothers are always looking for a reason to discuss their children’s names. Therefore, we think that a bracelet which allows mothers to wear their children’s names, and by proxy, their heart on their sleeves is a great idea.


Mother’s Day is a special day, maybe even more this year as many of us may be prevented from traveling to visit our loved ones. That doesn’t mean we can’t send some flowers along with a very special box to let our mothers know that they’re still on our minds during these times. Happy Mother’s Day!

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By PS Staff

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