Meet the Cora Sun-Drop, a 110 Carat Yellow Diamond

By Erika W.


The Cora Sun-Drop is on display at the Natural History Museum in London


The Cora Sun-Drop is a 110 carat pear shaped fancy yellow diamond named by diamond manufacturer, Cora International. Fancy yellow diamonds of this size and vivid color are exceptionally rare, and this stone will be on view for a limited time. Like most yellow diamonds, the Cora Sun-Drop is colored by trace amounts of nitrogen. In the Natural History Museum video below, minerals curator Alan Hart talks about the Cora-Sun Drop and model Jerry Hall illustrates the scale of the largest pear shaped yellow diamond in the world.
“When you look at a diamond like this you are not only looking at a unique piece of art, you are looking at the fascinating science that bought this stone to us.” – Alan Hart


110 carat The Cora Sun Drop Diamond
Photo: Tom Tragale for M Patricof, Creative Group
Natural History Museum


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