Jewel(s) of the Week – 3 Huge Diamonds Ring in 2013!

By Erika Winters

Fabulous Jewelry Shared by Pricescope Members

Now this is how PS members ring in the new year! Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen a flurry of 4-carat-plus diamond rings on the Show Me the Bling forum. And suffice to say we are stunned by each one! Each of these diamonds has been named by their owners–yes PS’ers name their diamonds. So meet Venice, a 5.06-carat antique cushion; Bea, a 4.56-carat old European cut; and Maya, a 4-carat (well 3.98-carat, but who’s counting those two points?) round-brilliant cut. Thanks for sharing, SB621, missy, and Bliss!

SB621’s Antique Cushion: Venice

5-carat antique cushion-cut diamond ring posted by Sarahbear621

If there is a cure for DSS (Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome–an acute condition that goes around these parts) SB621’s ring is IT. Gorgeous.

Visit SB621’s thread to be stunned by more pictures: 5.06ct Antique Cushion~*~*~ Venice.

Missy’s Old European Cut: Bea

4.56-carat old European cut diamond ring posted by missy

A 4.56-carat old European cut with one of the loveliest facet patterns we’ve seen, missy’s ring is one for the books.

Visit missy’s thread for more gorgeous pictures: L is for so in LOVE with my….

Bliss’s Round Brilliant: Maya

3.98-carat round diamond ring posted by Bliss

…and then there was Bliss, who keeps us captivated with her stunning diamond jewelry. She says she was spellbound when she first saw the 3.98-carat round brilliant cut diamond. Goodness, yes!

Bliss explains it all in her thread: 3.98 RB in Vatche U113 thanks to IDJ!!!

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