Heavenly Hoops

Diamondtifff originally posted these amazing hoop earrings on the Show Me the Bling Forum at PriceScope. Yaaaaaaassss, these are outstanding, super sparkly, giant but not heavy.  From classic to cutting edge, hoop earrings are essential to every woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Hoops flatter all faces, and they never go out of style.


These are a great size!
These are a great size!




I cannot imagine a scenario where hoops go out of style, and we know diamonds are in it for the long haul. Big fabulous chunky hoops are going to remain incredibly on point for ages. I love that she pointed out that these were made with less metal (though secure) and so are light and aren’t weighing down her ears. That is a factor that is often overlooked for the sake of beauty, but can stretch those holes right out of shape. (I think we all know that risk, and have flirted with it a time or two)


look at those incredible diamonds!
look at those incredible diamonds!




The Stats:

They are 13.44 carats total weight and 45 mm in diameter.
The Diamonds in front are 30 pointers, 4.1 mm
The Rear Diamonds are .25-.28 so they are like 3.9-4.0 mm


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