Fairy Tale Princess Jewelry

So many fairy tales end with a happily ever after (well, perhaps not all the Brothers Grimm’s offerings). Happily ever after is what we are looking for; when the Princess swoons over her handsome Prince, he sweeps her off of her feet, carrying her away to a bright and beautiful future.

If your favorite fairy tale Princess got to pick all her jewelry, what do you suppose she would prefer? I like to imagine what different kinds of fairy tale princesses would choose if they had the choice. There are so many “flavors” of fairy tale princesses, and they are likely to all have individual tastes just like we do.


Forest Fairy.

The dreamy fairy princess is even more fantastical than most of her counterparts due to being an actual fairy. She has wings to contend with, and she may be pretty tiny. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t look fabulous; she can do so with itty bitty diamond chips! I picture this Princess as a ruler in the forest over all she surveys. She is the beautiful heroine of every tale she is in and definitely wants to look the part.

Yellow gold looks feisty and beautiful with the green of a forest fairy. 

Round and Baguette Leaf Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold from Blue Nile.
18k Rose Gold Simon G. Diamond Pendant from Witeflash.


The magical Princess of the tundra, showering her kingdom in ice crystals and snow flurries. The thick flakes may lead one to think that she is cold-hearted, depending on the story. However, we like to think that she has a loving heart that may sparkle like a diamond.

Staying with whites, blues, and silver tones will make her icy beauty sparkle.

Vintage-Inspired Freshwater Cultured Pearl Diamond Halo Earrings


fantasy sorceress

The fantasy sorceress Princess keeps her head in the books and helps to protect her Kingdom from all comers. Trained by the Royal Sorceror to cast magic splits her focus from her day-to-day royal duties, but she slays the look while managing it all.

This sorceress looks like a magical Marie Antoinette. I want to see her in Royal purples, pale pinks, and pearls.

purple amulet

Enjoying fairy tales was such a lovely memory, and I love getting to share them with my own child. We discuss the Princesses and their lives outside of the story. Enriching their back story and taking ownership of the fantasy. 

adult reading pricess tales to a little girl.

There are so many kinds of fairy tales from cultures that cross the world. They can be very different, and we didn’t even cover the Cinderella-style of Princess yet!

We have so many more that we could talk about and we may revisit it in the future. This was super fun and I hope that you enjoy it too! Who was your favorite fairy tale princess, what would be their signature look? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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