Everything You Need To Know About Super Bowl Rings

In professional sports, few accolades rival the prestige and symbolism of Super Bowl rings. These glittering symbols of victory represent the pinnacle of achievement for football players, dripping with diamonds and precious metals to commemorate their triumph on the gridiron. Beyond their athletic significance, Super Bowl rings are also serious jewelry pieces, evoking the craftsmanship and luxury associated with high-end accessories. Speaking of rings, we might also indulge in a bit of speculation about a potential proposal between NFL star Travis Kelce and pop sensation Taylor Swift. Their romance has added a whole new layer of excitement to the big game!


A Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl ring, center, was one of many on display at the NFL Experience in Dallas, TX. (Image Source: Forbes)


The Green Bay Packers Championship Ring from Super Bowl I, 1967 (from the 1966 season)
Featuring a One Carat Diamond.

The tradition of awarding Super Bowl rings dates back to 1967 when the Green Bay Packers received their first-ever championship rings after winning Super Bowl I. Since then, these rings have become coveted symbols of success, designed to mark the victory and commemorate the team’s journey to glory. Crafted from precious metals such as gold and platinum and adorned with diamonds and gemstones, Super Bowl rings are meticulously crafted to reflect the prestige and grandeur of the occasion. They didn’t start as over-the-top as they are today; the first Super Bowl Championship ring (pictured above) sported a single one-carat diamond, quite a departure from the intricate disco ball rings that will be won this weekend!

Jewelers like Jostens, Balfour, and Tiffany & Co. have crafted these masterpieces over the years. The number of rings isn’t just limited to the team’s roster; depending on the organization, anywhere from hundreds to nearly a thousand rings are made each year. And here’s a quirky fact: the design process cannot begin until after the game ends and the winner is official, thanks to deeply held sporting superstitions. So, it takes a few months to bring the final ring to life.

The price tag for these rings is off the charts! A Super Bowl LI ring made for a family member of Tom Brady fetched a record-breaking $344,927 at auction despite having fewer diamonds and being smaller than Brady’s ring. Even before considering the sentimental significance, these rings are costly!

We love our big glorious bling with amazing diamonds here too, but we’d venture to say that a Super Bowl ring is not an everyday wear piece.



Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Super Bowl Engagement

In case you missed it, rumors have been swirling about Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce’s potential plans to propose to his girlfriend, global music sensation Taylor Swift. While neither Kelce nor Swift have confirmed these rumors, the idea of the couple taking their relationship to the next level has captured the imaginations of fans worldwide.

When Taylor Swift’s concert (The Eras Tour) in Tokyo seemed like it might cause her to miss the big game, fans were freaking out. So much so, when she planned to rush back to be there, Swifties and Kelce fans watched her flight like a hawk! Love them or hate them, their romance is topping the charts, as it were.

If Kelce were to pop the question, one can only imagine the breathtaking engagement ring he might choose to symbolize their love and commitment. If he wants to stay on brand, an oval or marquise-shaped diamond could symbolize his other love, football. Let’s be honest; it’s fun to speculate, and any reason to peruse diamond rings is ok by us!



Super Bowl Rings are pretty amazing, and we can’t wait to see who wins them this year. If you are cheering for one team or another, we hope your team plays their best, it’s an entertaining game, and you have a great time watching either way! 


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