Are You Ready for Some Super Bowl Rings?

By Erika W.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers – Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bring on the Big, Heavy, and Blingy Super Bowl Rings! The collectible NFL award rings get more diamond encrusted by the year, as seen in this selection of notable rings from games past. Massive and rife with symbolism, the rings often feature marquise cut diamonds, which resemble what else? Footballs!

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Ring
Pittsburgh Steelers Game XLIII Super Bowl Ring

Pittsburgh’s massive diamond Super Bowl ring features bezel set diamonds around the team’s colorful logo. The Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27- 23 in 2009’s Game XLIII.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Ring
Green Bay Packers Game II Super Bowl Ring

Green Bay’s Super Bowl ring from their Game II win in 1968 features a trio of round diamonds. Green Bay beat the Oakland Raiders 33 – 14.

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Ring
New Orleans Saints Game XLIV Super Bowl Ring
Derick Hingle

The Saints’ diamond fleur de lis Super Bowl ring is one of our favorites. The team won Game XLIV in 2010 against the Indianapolis Colts, 31 – 17.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Ring
Kansas City Chiefs Game IV Super Bowl Ring

Kansas City crushed the Minnesota Vikings in 1970’s game IV, 23 – 7. The classic diamond Super Bowl ring features a diamond with a football shaped “halo.”

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Ring
Indianapolis Colts Game XLI Super Bowl Ring
USA Today

In 2007 the Colts beat the Chicago Bears 29 – 17 in Game XLI. The bold Super Bowl ring is set with a whole host of diamond shapes from princess cuts to baguettes. Blingy indeed!

New England Patriots

New England Patriots Super Bowl Ring
New England Patriots Game XXXVI Super Bowl Ring

The Patriots scored this massive NFL award ring in 2002 for their win against the St. Louis Rams, 20 – 17.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Ring
Dallas Cowboys Game XII Super Bowl Ring

In 1978 The Dallas Cowboys beat the Denver Broncos, 27 – 10. The Super Bowl ring from Game XII features diamonds set in the blue stars of Texas.

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