Style File: Emma Watson

When we think of Emma Watson, most of us probably still associate her with Hermione Granger though she has had a successful acting career as an adult. She turned a startling thirty-one on April 15th, I think a lot of us expect her to be in her early twenties (she sure looks it, lucky for her). We’ve watched her grow up and develop her own tastes and her jewelry choices are often fantastic.

Emma Watson takes simplicity and elevates it as a style, the pieces that she chooses have a lot of re-wear value. Her jewelry looks add to her air of accessibility, she is undeniably beautiful but also carries herself as someone who is down to earth. Regardless of what she is wearing, we have never seen her not look phenomenal. As someone who seemingly keeps her nose pretty clean, we don’t see Emma splashed all over the headlines on a regular basis. We can appreciate that every look that she serves us is very intentional because she is determining when she is viewed.



Emma is a big fan of ear cuffs that delicately chase up her ear lobe. She seems to prefer earrings in structural designs that trend toward non-traditional while keeping a simply beautiful style. Cuffs and double-sided earrings are both interesting, lovely, but don’t steal the focus from Emma’s lovely face. This is a feat in taste, and we are all about it.


Emma Watson close up, hair pinned up, in red top with pearl front back earrings.
Emma in Dior Tribales Pearl Earrings.



Emma Watson head and shoulders, hair in chignon, red lip, high color black top, Graziela Wave ear cuffs.
Emma at a premiere for The Bling Ring in Wave Ear Cuffs by Graziela Gems. (Image Source: Image no available)



Emma Watson at the Noah Premiere, hair up, red lip, long ear cuff that lines the outside of her ear

At the premiere of Noah, ear cuff by Ana Khouri.



Watson is not afraid to play with her look, though she always ends up looking outstanding. The chained look she was seen wearing in British Vogue is on-trend and can be paired with many different looks. She tends to lean heavily into Ana Khouri’s jewelry collections. Like this silver “Mirian” necklace that Emma was seen wearing to a Royal Charity Dinner at Windsor Castle.



Emma Watson staning in what appears to be a gravel driveway in a grey skirt and a white button up shirt with a silver necklace. The side picture is just the Silver Mirian Necklace by Ana Khouri

Emma in the silver Mirian necklace by Ana Khouri.

Black and white image of Emma Watson for British Vogue, chain necklace.

In British Vogue wearing a necklace by Bottega Veneta.



Cuffs seem to be a theme, not only for her ears but at the wrists as well. She knows how to rock the cuff look and she knows it. These look amazing, we love how she styles herself as a whole. Bracelets are considered symbolic of relationships when gifted, but Emma has famously claimed to be “self-partnered,” and seems to treat herself quite well. Good for you, Emma! She is apparently dating Leo Robinton these days, but we think her self-care spirit is still strong.

Red background, Emma Watson in a black off the shoulder shirt, grey pants and a large silver cuff bracelet at the Time 100 Gala 2015.

In a fabulous Dior outfit and an Eva Fehren cuff bracelet at the 2015 Time 100 Gala.

Emma Watson in a black dress with her hair up, golden lacey cuff on her wrist

At the New York Noah premiere in an Aurelie Bidermann gold cuff bracelet.


Wide Hammered Cuff Bracelet in 14k Italian Yellow Gold
Wide Hammered Cuff Bracelet in 14k Italian Yellow Gold from Blue Nile




Oversized Hollow Curb Chain Necklace in 14k Italian Yellow Gold
Oversized Hollow Curb Chain Necklace in 14k Italian Yellow Gold from Blue Nile


In recent years, Emma Watson has been in several blockbuster films and graced the red carpets with amazing flair. We hope that she has a tremendous birthday, and keeps her fashion finesse top notch.

Do you have any amazing ear or bracelet cuffs? We would love to see yours in the comments!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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