Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Jewelry

You want everything about your wedding day wardrobe to look flawless, including more than just your wedding gown. Wedding day jewelry help to boost your gown and complete your overall look. In contrast, most fine wedding jewelry on the market comes with a high price tag. That shouldn’t stop you from looking your best when you say “I do.” Thanks to PriceScope’s comprehensive jewelry search, you can browse and shop for wedding jewelry that will elevate your look and suit your budget. To get you prepared for your special day, here are Our DO’s And DON’Ts Of Wedding Jewelry:

DO Put your Veil or Tiara to the TestDON’T Buy Jewelry Before the Gown
DO Mix Something Old with Something NewDON’T Overdo It – Less is More
DO Stay in your Comfort ZoneDON’T Forget to Get a Manicure and Pedicure
DO Switch Up your Jewelry for the ReceptionDON’T Shop at the Last Minute
DO Shop for a Jewelry Gift for your Future HusbandDON’T Overspend – Shop within your Budget

DO Put your Veil or Tiara to the Test

Wedding tiara.Wedding veil.

Whether you’re wearing a veil or tiara, don’t forget to bring your jewelry, especially your earrings along to the fittings. You need to be certain that your choice of jewelry won’t interfere with your choice of headpiece.

DON’T Buy Jewelry Before the Gown 

Wedding gown.

This is the most crucial guideline on our DO’s And DON’Ts list. Before selecting wedding jewelry, make sure you’ve decided on a gown. When it comes to bridal jewelry, it’s vital to consider the neckline, fabric, and style of your gown so you know how much jewelry to accessorize your wedding look with and what jewelry items to avoid entirely.

DO Mix Something Old with Something New

Diamond and colored gemstome earrings.18k White Gold

You don’t have to purchase a whole set of matching jewelry – although you certainly could – your wedding jewelry should be a reflection of who you are. Wearing heirloom jewelry or a piece from your mum’s jewelry collection is perfectly acceptable as long as the finishes of the jewelry go with your overall wedding look.

DON’T Overdo It – Less is More

Simple wedding jewelry.

You can’t wear a necklace with a one-shoulder gown because it’s a double statement that confuses the eye. You might opt for a gorgeous pair of earrings and/or a bracelet instead. Although the one-shoulder gown should speak for itself, a little sparkle never hurts.

DO Stay in your Comfort Zone

Happy married couple.

You definitely don’t want to leave your comfort zone on a day when your emotions are entirely out of control. As a result, don’t start accessorizing in anything that doesn’t seem right or wearing jewelry you wouldn’t usually wear.

DON’T Forget to Get your Manicure and Pedicure

Wedding manicure.

Your wedding photographer will certainly snap some close-up images of your ring, so don’t allow a bad nail day to ruin your special day. Although, it’s advised to opt for a simple French mani, nude polish, or ombré look to complement your wedding jewelry look. If you opt for a color, be sure that it complements all of your wedding day outfits and jewelry looks.

DO Switch Up your Jewelry for the Reception

Wedding reception.Freshwater Pearl Three Prong Earring Studs in 14k White Gold.

Switching up your jewelry look for your wedding reception outfit could transform your overall appearance whether you switch up your hairdo or not. It is your special day so why not go all out and wear those jewelry pieces you’d hoped to wear down the aisle but just didn’t suit your wedding gown.

DON’T Shop at the Last Minute

Bridal jewelry is more than just a piece of jewelry. Make sure you’ve spent enough time shopping around before making your final purchases. The jewelry, like your heels, brings the entire wedding look together, so plan ahead so you can find exactly what you’re looking for and compare pricing. If you want anything custom-made, be prepared to wait up to three months.

DO Shop for a Jewelry Gift for your Future Husband

If you haven’t shopped for a gift for your future husband as yet, we suggest opting for a piece of jewelry that he could treasure for a lifetime. Whether that be an engraved piece or a timepiece we know that jewelry will go a long way in expressing how much he means to you.

DON’T Overspend – Shop within your Budget

Last but not least, we know how easy going over budget for your special day can but we can’t wrap up these guidelines without mentioning the most important DON’T on our list. PriceScope’s Jewelry Search boasts an array of jewelry options from world-renowned vendors with a broad price range.  We can guarantee that you’ll find all of the jewelry your heart desires that suits your taste and your budget.

White South Sea Pearl Earrings with Diamond Hoops in 18k White Gold.
White South Sea Pearl Earrings with Diamond Hoops in 18k White Gold at Blue Nile
0.50ctw Platinum "Whiteflash by the Yard" Diamond Necklace.
0.50ctw Platinum "Whiteflash by the Yard" Diamond Necklace at Whiteflash
Platinum "Inspiration-Al" Diamond Earring Settings.
Platinum "Inspiration-Al" Diamond Earring Settings at Whiteflash
18k White Gold Nine-Row "Enmeshed Diamonds" Diamond Bracelet.
18k White Gold Nine-Row "Enmeshed Diamonds" Diamond Bracelet at Whiteflash

Do you have a wedding coming up? Is it your wedding? Have you shopped for wedding jewelry yet? Do you still have your wedding jewelry? If so, show it off by clicking the comments button below. 

Written by Bianca Mac Donald

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