Klass is in session!

Klass is in session!

Klass is in session!

MrsSalvo shared this stunning Engagement Ring on the Show Me The Bling Community at PriceScope.com. Whether it be for style difference, damage, loss, or the dreaded DSS, upgrading an engagement ring is a fun and fabulous thing to do. It’s a great reaffirmation of your commitment and a chance to add more bling to your ring!


Pretty Profile!

Pretty Profile

The search for your perfect upgrade can take a long time to hit the bejeweled jackpot and find your dream ring. MrsSalvo had her patient husband, some of her friendly fellow PS’ers and the pros at Pearlman’s Jewelers to help her attain her David Klass Empress aspirations! While, she posted the ring for sale again a few years after, we can assume that it has a happy home and we wish her the absolute best!

The Stats:
Carat Weight: 1.67 carat
Color Grade: G
Clarity Grade: SI2
Ring Size: 3.75


Gorgeous color

Gorgeous color

To read more of the story and see more, visit the engagement ring pics here.

For Throwback Thursdays, we take the opportunity to re-appreciate beautiful pieces that have been shared over the years!

Thank you so much for sharing your jewelry experiences with us. Keep revisiting PriceScope’s past with us each Thursday!



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By Kayti Kawachi

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